Halloween Ecard 2004

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Happy Halloween.


Nice Halloween E-card

Great graphics it was awesome, I love watching the Halloween E-cards at New Grounds, and most of all the best part about them, they are a polite gesture wishing people that they have a good halloween, or whatever season the e-card represents.

New Grounds had a Halloween E-card that I reviewed last year, starring Pico and friends, it was cool, the pumpkin Pico had at his house came to life and got out of control, so it got a few rounds of lead.

Pico and his friends made a pumpkin pie out of it and served it to all the trick or treaters that stopped by his door, to get rid of it, one of the kids who got a slice was a spider man outfitted individual, this certain piece of pie had the pumpkin's stick arm in it, the spider man outfitter didn't look too happy with what he got, his expression was like "Dude what the hell?!?!?" lol.

Nice work on your E-card Blade, make more in the future.

The Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta

NilVeres responds:

You are the only guy I've seen to review fairly on any submissions and in mine. I hadn't arsed myself to answer your reviews though I should had. But thank you, your reviews always help. BTW it's May 26 '06 (dunno if the review respond system posts the date, oh well).
Again, sorry for not answering when you reviewed even while I could.

The E-Card was ok

This migical special E-Card will now get a specal rating a special 3/5

Well done

Make it a little longer, and less chaotic at the end. Very well done otherwise


it was squishy cute! nice nice!


this flash sucked and why the fuck is he so hornied about getting scared? you moron.

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3.50 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2004
12:06 AM EDT