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Super Mario: Toads Rage 6

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Daily first place!! I'd like to thank all of you guys for making this possible. I've been trying to get to that level forever now and it's finally a reality!
Anyways just as a note this movie is a prequil... It happens before the first episode.

~Nate Johnson



So I take it that this is the prequel. Good job. There is a great increase in art since the first episode. GOOD JOB!


Make sure to credit the people from which you use the music next time.

mchawking responds:

I wasn't exactly sure who they were.... I put it in the audio credit thing on newgrounds though. Normally I do... Like in the last movie I contacted the band and put up links for them.

~Nate Johnson

you, my freind, are god...

ive always wanted to see something like this, toad was always my fav mario char. sweet job, keep em comin.

pretty good

It puts an interesting spin on things. You see...Mario did die in TR2...and he did come back in TR5...but he came back from the dead. 1-ups help you...lol (inside joke to TR5). Also...Luigi died in TR1...so it's possible for Luigi to come back from the dead...via 1-up, but how could the allready dead Mario come back if he allready came back in TR5? Simple...he can't...which is why I say it puts an interesting spin on things. Here's my view of it...TR6...it's actually TR1...how it all started. Because at the beginning Toad is seen talking to Mario and Luigi, making him look good and all, but then in the end he loses to Nemetoad...and the last thing Nemetoad does to Toad is send some clown looking fireball down to Toad's carcass which in turn brings Toad back from the undead...but if you look real close...coming back from the dead isn't the only thing he does. Look at his eyes...they're red...compared to white at the beginning of the episode. What does this mean? Nemetoad turned Toad into another Nemetoad...either that or Nemetoad gave Toad a Nemetoad virus. This...is why I say TR6 is like TR1, otherwise why would Toad kill Luigi and Mario in TR1, 2, and 5. Btw, Nate, did you see all those character choices I gave you?


i likd it alot but they started playing the dramatic music a little bit early in the fight other then that great job keep em coming 10/10

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3.80 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2004
11:05 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 22, 2004