Silhouette 2

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Sequel to the first creepy short, "Silhouette: Evil Prevails"



ok now i know you said he was not evil! But he killd flowers and the sun so i would say he is not good eather. Anyway good job still would be cool if you would make it longer and this time the captions went a little fast. Again a mic would be cool and tell us more about this not evil guy, also violence rocks so let it rip buddy.

Why are people fags?

That was a nice movie XD

I liked it, srsly :)

Acid responds:

People are fags because they are a European word for cigarettes.


Hey "Acid-Rain" this movie is the shit only cuz u made it. LoL. You are really good at doing these kind of things make more. I LUV THIS SONG!

Use different music

If you make more of these, I would like to hear different music. I thought the animation was good. These really have different feel to them than most of the other stuff on the site. The music was the same from the first one.

black and white woo!

Aha yay j00bie another one of these crazy black and white line flashes!
First off great music, that was mega cool but got annoying after a while and really suited the style.
Graphics were obviously very poor but that doesn't matter, because the actual content of this was so crazy! I loved the way you included Acid Rain and made him out to be crazy and then he became evil.
Another shall we say *creative* flash, well done =P

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Oct 18, 2004
10:26 PM EDT
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