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Alastor Collection B

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Author Comments

Follow up to the original, though clearly not nearly as good as the other, it has enough cheap animation and some decent shit in it all to be worthy of something! =)
To see the original, go to http://www.newgrounds.co
Weve all had fun while making this, i hope you all have fun watching them now! =)



I just started watching these, and while I don't post on the BBS and don't know who Alastor is, I can relate. There's always gonna be some self-righteous faggot asian that ruins everything. BTW, what was with the star 'o david with B?

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Better than the first one, IMO.

This series is certainly strange depiction of that mod AtD, and even though I liked ThreeStar's movie from the first one; I still think this one is the best out of the three in the series! Now I shall use the "Frenzy" review method to rate your movie!

Graphics: Mostly pics and below-average drawings (+3)
Style: A collab, and part of a series...not to mention that you're ripping on a mod! (+6)
Sound: Pretty OK, I liked the one in 5*'s movie "El Cap-own!" and "mwah, mwuh, mwuah, wha, mwah, mwah!" (+5)
Violence: A small, but decent ammount (+4)
Interactivity: Buttons...(+1)
Humor: That was some weird shit you pulled off here, and it got a laugh out of me. (+6)
Overall: To summarize, it was actually pretty OK, could use a bit of work in graphics and a bit more animation than motion tweening and stuff. Otherwise, this is a pretty decent collab effort by the SS! (+6)


Hey brainclock1

You shouldn't call someone gay when you are homosexual yourself so do us a favor and get off Newgrounds and go masturbate to Spyro the dragon like I know you love to do. Anyways this flash was totally the best. It's funny that Alastor loves Dragonball Z and masturbates to other anime. Does he masturbate to every single one?

Not as good as collection C.

AlmightyJesus: His flash looked like the epic kisses which are a NG classic.
The epic/mystic/whatever kisses by Piconjo's fans pwned so this part is obviously great.

oh wow, fivestar pwned a mod. Congrats to him.

Oh snap, we will miss zerostar :( I didn't remember how good were his stuff. You can't deny it, the ban button is a powerful tool. It should also be called the anti-privilege or the pro-nazism button. Rofl :)

The rest of this collection wasn't amazing but I still enjoyed it.

GJ, you swell flash authors.

j00bie responds:

this is easily the worst collection i've been in, and it has the highest score. roffle.

Everyone hates Alastor!

J00bie's was the funniest of them all. But zerostar's was also funny! Great job making fun of a bad mod!

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Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2004
7:47 PM EDT