Alastor Collection B

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Follow up to the original, though clearly not nearly as good as the other, it has enough cheap animation and some decent shit in it all to be worthy of something! =)
To see the original, go to http://www.newgrounds.co
Weve all had fun while making this, i hope you all have fun watching them now! =)


What in god's name...?

what the hell did i just watch?


more star syndicate trash. try again when you have a "time constraint" that allows you to make something that merits a score higher than a 0.

Ok. I’m just an art critic, who wants some honest

Apparently you feel that this is the best flash ever made, and you seem quite confident in this belief. And it seems that you are not the only one with this opinion, for you have made it through the portal.

Now this makes me feel a little ignorant, because I cannot imagine anyone finding this remotely entertaining in any way shape or form.

So please, like any good artist under the grill of a critic, explain to us why this piece is so good.

Why were the themes that were chosen, chosen?

What impact did you want to make on your viewer, and how did you go about trying to accomplish this impact?

Is there a story behind this work?

I saw you mention a time restraint in the reviews, what was this time restraint?

In making this work of art you broke many standards of the media world; what message, or idea were you trying to convey when breaking these standards? When you broke each standard, how did you come to the conclusion that each broken standard would help your work? Explain.

Please feel free to add any thing else that you feel might defend the greatness of your masterpiece.

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So how was it?
The load you guys blew into these two movies, that is.

j00bie responds:


AlastorTheDevil: Holy shit.
j00biee: =O
j00biee: uh oh
j00biee: I didnt do it, I swear
AlastorTheDevil: I just saw the movie.
AlastorTheDevil: hahaha
j00biee: lol, you like it?
j00biee: Good news then, a part C is coming soon
j00biee: haha
AlastorTheDevil: oh god
AlastorTheDevil: are you serious?
j00biee: Fivestar, Twostar, meightydein, Coolboyman
j00biee: yup
AlastorTheDevil: StrawberryClock is helping?
AlastorTheDevil: hahaha
j00biee: he was going to be in this one, but he missed the deadline
j00biee: =O
AlastorTheDevil: Man, I'm becoming the new Dobio :o
j00biee: I should update it already, I forgot to include Fivestars, haha.
AlastorTheDevil: hah
j00biee: i had importing troubles =(
AlastorTheDevil: ah
j00biee: Im about to update Part B with Fivestars flash
j00biee: ====)
AlastorTheDevil: good stuff
j00biee: it's not too great
j00biee: you get shor
j00biee: *shot
AlastorTheDevil: Heavens.
j00biee: So how was it?
The load you guys blew into these two movies, that is.
j00biee: roffle
AlastorTheDevil: :-)

Glad you liked it, Part C is soon, be warned >:D

You guys need to get a new subject lol

One, I would have rated better if you had put an ounce of effort into it. Two the whole point is how much you hate alastor, however some of his submissions are extremely gay. Three, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. I don't go into the forums anyway.

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3.14 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2004
7:47 PM EDT