Zalad Fingerz 3

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Im working on 4 cause since now its on the collections page this is kick ass. 4 Will be the funniest I promise



"Zalad Fingerz 3" was good. I thought the voices were good, and the music fit. However, in the begining the voices were hard to hear because of the sound drowning it out.

Not very creative...

This was a very un-original peice and the author shouldn't expect much acclaim. The salad fingers series (though creepy as hell) is relatively well done, and inventive..in their own creepy way. I have seen people use stolen graphics in a creative and humorous way...this example is unfortunately not one of them. I have a feeling the author has more potential than this.

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Wasnt the first one the one with sex and nudeness and shit? Anyway... not much to say about this film. It looks like you watched salad fingers and pressed printscreen to get the characters and backgrounds. You should move on and become more creative. Try your own stuff rather than do this type of stuff. I voted 2 because it wasnt as embarsing as the first one. Im not even gonna bother with part 2.


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Dobica responds:

you sir deserve a cookie of my appreciation

lol, i noticed these a few weeks ago.

they are really funny man but can you get off the guns and shit and get back to fucking funny dialogue, ive had to quote the fish out of the oven for far too lng now (in ur voice of course)

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Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2004
8:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody