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Comment Edit: Thanks for the suggestions, and good reviews, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to add those things... believe me, I did think about it, but I only had less than a week to do this.
This was done for my flash final project for college, we could choose between an animation, a website interface, or a game... so I decided to do a game, this one inspired half by Punch Out, and half by Rock'em Sock'em Robots.

Now, there are a few glitches... one being that it can be a bit too easy to win... and the other being for some reason, the fight sometimes starts before the signal to start... I don't know why this is... and given enough time, i'd have ironed it out, but my time table for this game has run out at school, and i've got no time to work on it further at home.

Anyway, I hope you guys like it, if enough people like it I MAY make a sequel with more features... but even so, that wouldn't be for a rather long time because of my schedule.

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6.1 Overall.

I really did enjoy this game, it was too short though. Sure you could go back and play the same game till you get a million on the score board, but that does get pretty boring after a while. As I mentioned before, I did enjoy it, but you really should have added a few other opponents...like in Mike Tyson's PunchOut...That's what this really reminded me of.


better then the second. The second is awful

Very solid game

The game itself has a very well, organized menu. The robots look very good, the controls are a bit iffy, but tolerable. If you could get a choice between different looking robots to play as, that would help some, and if you had progressive enemies, that would help more. This is very promising and a very solid game, so congradulate yourself on it, and I hope you passed the class.

Pretty Solid

I assume this has already been mentioned, but it was easy, as a first level should be. Would have liked to see a few more levels, maybe even a "Boss" after those. Anyways, keep up the good work.


It had the gains of good ol Punch Out, but it went kinda slow (it might be my computer, but I found it frustrating to fail the dodges just cause the timing was really slow before you figured it out. The punches was a bit slow aswell, so it lacked in the action department there too. It might be better by just raising the fps count..

TehZee responds:

Think it was your computer.. normally the game isn't slow, atleast not enough to matter, did you click the low quality button at the bottom of the main menu? it should speed things up, otherwise can't help ya.

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3.54 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2004
2:16 PM EDT
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