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Silhouette: Evil Prevails

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A creepy short

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not bad

that was decint man. not much too it as far as a story. and what his powers are, and how he is going to doom me. i did like it you might try to add voice to it , all you need is a mic . keep working buddy.

Could have been better

This was not the best out there man but keep trying I've seen much worse shit out there cough*piconjo sucks* cough but you have poteintal or however you spell it. One more thing plz don't make it so creepy and also take time to make it.

I don't care what anyone says

I liked that lol.

Acid responds:

I like you, lol >:(

God damnit!

Try! Come on! I mean, that was shit!
Don't send in a flash you did five minutes before you leave for school in the morning. Come on. Take time!
The animation needs lots of work! All you did was write words and have the drawings stay still. It was boring as hell. You need voice, you need moving, you need action, you need humor, you need a point, and you need practise!
Wait a while till you submit your next flash, and practise a lot before you do.

Acid responds:

Wow kid, you're a little faggot.

it sucked!

it didnt have any talking in it it only had crappy graphics and no color i hated it!! all the animations were thin lines and it just plain sucks ass