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L1F3 Shorts ep.5

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L1F3 Shorts ep.5

This would have been submitted earlier, but my computer had some problems.


Here's a demonstration

He exploded to death!


That was really well done, i thought it got alittle disturbing on the last scene but i guess it was all in good fun, the product was quite strange and i dont even remember how the episode got into an informercial for that product to start with. I liked the introduction with the aftermath of the road-trip that little short skit was quite funny and nearly made up for the roadtrip episode fully. Overall violent, twisted humour made this a unique edition to the series.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


While giving a speech on safety and such, a proffesor is taught something of his own. It was an interesting idea but I feel that at episode 5 in the series, there is potential to hit a stagnant. I believe that this could be very fun, good luck. How many takes do you usually try and do before your final version for the audio? I notice that you are breathing heavily and it seems like with a little effort - everything would sound quite a lot better. The artwork could be a little better as well, as it is slowly slipping a tad more than in the previous episodes. Mainly I am speaking on the look of the hair and the movements of the characters.



this was ok. it was kinda funny.

lol, MJ mask!!!

hahahah, another good ep of L1f3 shorts, i enjoy these, and im sure everyone else does. the concept was good, and so were the graphics and animation. But, i think that you should really try to improve the quality of the audio (the dialogue, not the sound fx, they were great) wherever possible... because even though you might have been trying to create an evil-type voice, its always best to keep quality at its best.

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2.85 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2004
5:35 PM EDT
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