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BDFH chronicle

rated 2.94 / 5 stars
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Oct 14, 2004 | 5:37 AM EDT

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Author Comments

basically, this is just like my other submission 'wtf' the series is based around two characters, Roland, and the bus driver from hell fighting in a spy vs spy sort of behaviour, yer this is only the start of the 2 part ender/starter for my series, but don't cry about it



Rated 1 / 5 stars


dido.., i totally agree with the last guy!!!

.... need i say more??


Rated 1 / 5 stars

ill bitch about it if i want

Just because you write "dont fucking bitch about it" its not going to stop me from excersizing my right of free speech. Ive noticed how angry you get reading reveiws that don't praise your work, saying such things as "you dont have any flashes and until you do fuck off" or something like that. but as you fail to realize everyone can wright a reveiw, even if they dont make movies!!. This is because i hae the ability to watch other movies on newgrounds and compare yours to thiers. What a novel idea. and you may or may not have realized this part either but your movies just dont match up to the vast majority of everone elses. Save everyone the trouble and name them all "Blam this Wade" if you insist on continually submitting them.

unownedJR responds:

Do you think I care that mine don't get front page? How does that alter my chances of becoming an animator when I'm older? And I've written that famous "u dnt hav ne flashes lolol" line about once, when I was 14. So how about, the next time you want to point out my flaws, go for something that people give a fuck about.

Ohoyeah, and it's not the lack of praise that pisses me off, it's the fact that some NERD takes his time to spam my submissions with his blatently thoughtless reviews just because of some little material problem he can't pull his ass over.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very entertaining

Here's the 11th review!This is the shit.You my friend have a sense of humor.You should make a buch of shorter flashes like this one and make them more random,do it for the bus driver Lotus!

unownedJR responds:

Well I don't find it that funny, but it doesn't matter what I think right now, glad you liked it though. And maybe I will do another thing like this someday huh?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

WOw man

Realy i realy love your work no matter if its crap (it wasnt)
and i realy liked it !

unownedJR responds:

ha, i didn't think this dinosaur would get a review. if you like this then you'd probably favour final vendetta part 1 or fisherman, if you havn't seen it allready that is, but glad you liked my work but to be fair i don't really like this particular piece, too hard to continue i think


Rated 0 / 5 stars


man. this sucks. =/ this makes poop look good

unownedJR responds:

you boring

i see you still havn't learned to write a review and are still just pointing out how bad i was when i first started. YUS i don't blame you!!! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE THE FLASH JESUS FROM TEH VERY BEGINING!!!11!!one1 fucking moron. you think your hero knox would have been good from the start? i'm doubtful and even if so then there's others who would suck too. get the fuck over yourself and stop acting so tough, you'er completley naive and by writing bullshit comments like this it only makes you look more idiotic. if anyone should be getting off NG it's you sweety, you can't even write a review without screwing it up.....wait, maybe this is VINCE!! lol