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Riddle Quizzle Ep. 1

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Oct 12, 2004 | 9:52 PM EDT

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Author Comments

First and foremost: DON'T VOTE AN AUTO-ZERO CAUSE ITS ONLY 110KB. YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY. There is a reason all the questions are quite hard, its to see how smart your really are. These aren't questions out of my math book, as I am only 13. (But my IQ is 130) Thanks, enjoy. There will be more, so send in your RQ's.



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A riddle is a riddle, a bunch of glorified math questions is just math. These are not riddles.

I see without seeing, yet a detail I will not miss.
What I see I keep in my memory, but I do not think, its bliss.
It takes someone to push me, only then I snap,
but I have no temper for me to lose, what do you think of that?

I Literally just invented this riddle to prove my point,
now chances are there's one very similar to this out there.

And for those of you who have read on, the answer is a Camera.


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wow alzhander. you have an IQ higher than einsteins and yet you still use newgrounds? anywho i agree that IQ is useless without common sense


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IQ is irrelevant

your IQ isn't really impressive, nor is conman45's. mine is around 140-150 but i don't go around showboating it. it's a stupid number generated by a stupid test. also, a high IQ is pretty much useless without a good portion of common sense, which i do have, and find much more useful than my intelligence.
as for your 'quiz'... who really remembers prime numbers anyway, and who would want to sit and figure out the 200th some after another number?

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it was ok but it was really short. those seem more like math problems than riddles anyway. i didn't much care for it. Not to burst your bubble but when i was 11 my IQ was 147 and it is around 168 right now. just try to make these longer and dont add the word riddle unless it contains riddles. i was trying to find games with really hard riddles. if you can then please make one. thank you for your time


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lets break this down. nver mind. lets not.

As a flash, I have to tell you that a lot more effort wll go a loooooong way. Also, next time, I would suggest that you put in riddles instead of math problems, mainly beacuse the title is *RIDDLE* quiz, and your everage NG user isn't gonna want to do math without fair warning. If you do another one, add more questions and make sure people know what they're getting into. Now as for your little "i'm 13 and im so fucking smart" comment. That kinda shit will get it blammed straight out the gate. Hands Down. That kinda insolent smugass crap ain't gonna fly. Also, since you seem to be so smart, what kind of math are you taking? algebra 2? Geometry? please tell me and give numerous examples of questions from you guys' class so that I can verify your claim. Thank you! = )

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