Doodieman: The Hero's Loa

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It took about three months to animate this cartoon. I was formerly an animator on the Simpsons. In 1998 I launched doodie.com and only last year did I get into sound animations. To learn all of doodieman's pooper hero moves you can click on his remote control buttons on doodie.com. Hope you enjoy this, his first, epic film... The Hero's Load.



I am pretty sure I have seen this flash at least once. Ungh... this is what you can call a "Shitty Hero" by any means. His power is totaly a buttload ( oh my god, the wit! ) full of crap ( *laughs* I did it again! )

But Doodieman is a poor bastard. If "I" had his power I would probably kill myself. I mean I don´t know what a self restraint you must have to withstand the urge to poo in any situation.
I only give this flash a seven because it just needs to long to build up, to be interesting. It does a poor job on this one. I am pretty sure many people stopped this halfways, because they had to wait too long to see anything happen.

And the other reason I gave this a seven is I don´t like shit that much to be able to laugh about. And if someone says about morals in this flash and stuff, let me tell you something: There may be some, but I think shit had the bigger role here.


gogo doodie man!!!!

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Becuase this had to do with poo it got front page? Cuz this was submited around 4 years ago.


dude you should make a one where doodieman has explosive diarrhea. that would be so funny

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Is the world truly ready for a hero like that...

My answer would be no, but that doesn't mean I didn't love this flash. To be honest if I had that power I probably wouldn't use it. And I guess it's better to be covered in crap than dead, but apparently you just can't please some people. Nice job keep it up.

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3.64 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2004
8:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Original