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Spoilsbury Toast Boy - 1

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Oct 10, 2004 | 10:33 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 11, 2004

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Author Comments

Hello again. I'm still here.

This one's a prequel to Spoilsbury Toast Boy and I guess it should make the first one (actually the last one) more understandable. This series goes in reverse order (a bit like Memento)and I've subtitled some parts as some of the voices are a bit hard to understand. I hope you like it.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Kramer vs Kramer

This is quite disturbing... thats why i like it...


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I wonder if we'll ever get to see why this is all happening to Toaster Boy. Of all the Halloween related Flash I've seen recently, this was the creepiest. Acually this might be the creepiest submission I've seen since Ice Cream Man. In a film this short it's hard to create an atmosphere that really draws the viewer in. You've more than succeeded in that aspect. I can't wait for the next prequel. I've got my theories as to what exactly drove this boy insane and I want to see how close to being right I am!


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I am sincerely scared of you, or any idea that you may actually be human. With your sick display of humor, and addicting disgusting twists to your movies, i must say i am afraid of you. Incredibly awesome movies...all of them...and i must say that im waiting for you to do a movie thats just perfectly ordinary film, perhaps about a simple man living out his life...yes....simple...good day


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You just HAVE to make a mix between this one and Salad !


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The fast flying cards

1st set in order (the first 2 times the screen freaks out it shows the same frames): First: a transparent ghostly face, behind it is the face of an old woman with her eyes taken out, most of her face is cover with black stuff. Second: many many heads of spoilsbury toast boy, just the foreheads and eyes, no pupils in the eyes. Third: is a white background surrounded by blackness, half a skull with blood on its forehead and the words "letters that make words" in the right black margin. Fourth: a white wall spattered in blood, on either side are postits that say 9:41. Fifth: a red background with “red” written in black letters 31 times with no spaces. Sixth: a bunch of beetles in front of a clock with odd symbols like 3k and an arrow instead of numbers.
3rd set in order: First: a black background with red letters that spell out nothing but gibberish. Second: a weird hand like thing with a white background and odd black lines around the screen, on the side there are red letters that say "WORDS WORDS WORDS". Third: a white background with black letters that say words a whole bunch, in the bottom half it says EAT MY WORLD WORDS WORMS WOMAN WOMACH TO WOMAN and KRAMER VS KRAMER.
The 4th set is basically the same as the first and second except after the bloody skull there is a whit background with red at the middle and bottom and in white letters it says That's all for this episode folks 5 times.

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