Spoilsbury Toast Boy - 1

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Hello again. I'm still here.

This one's a prequel to Spoilsbury Toast Boy and I guess it should make the first one (actually the last one) more understandable. This series goes in reverse order (a bit like Memento)and I've subtitled some parts as some of the voices are a bit hard to understand. I hope you like it.


thanks pyros

Attention Reviewers. What this kind person has given us is free whistle points. So nice for people like him to pop up now and again. Anyway, style is similar to the salad fingers which is a definite plus. Music fits movie perfectly. Great job once again David.
-One question remains. How did the last reviewer access a computer from his psyciatric ward? We may never know. Still ya might want to check into his last reviews the more free points the better.

David Firth is the man

Dude, your submissions are so awesome. And i know everyone says this, but you have real talent, and i love all of the salad fingers episodes. Your animations are probably the best on newgrounds. And they freak me out. Which is good cuz its hard to do that to me. I absolutely think you are doing an awesome job and I would love to see more and more animations from you. just amazing shit.

great great

I stroke your head, I kiss you... HAhaha that such a great cartoon you just get better and better as you continue on with your cartoon just kep makin em' and I'll keep watchin' em'. :)

........ and confused

dude i dont no i saw all you flashes in the past half anhour and im confues and scared shitless your a talnted artist nice work but gona go do stuff that i never thought of doing so bye........

Ive seen your work, ever since you first came to

newgrounds, yet this is somhow vagly creepy............

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4.24 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2004
10:33 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 11, 2004