Spoilsbury Toast Boy - 1

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Hello again. I'm still here.

This one's a prequel to Spoilsbury Toast Boy and I guess it should make the first one (actually the last one) more understandable. This series goes in reverse order (a bit like Memento)and I've subtitled some parts as some of the voices are a bit hard to understand. I hope you like it.


The Artistic Value--- In Mi Opinion

Great Flash I love the vast majority of your stuff.

Here's what I found the artistic value of this Flash to be:
-It's about the subconscious and karma. If you wish something bad onto someone, even if you don't do anything about it, if something bad happens it seems to be your fault because that's what you wished upon them.
-In the case that the grandma falling over and burning herself was just a hallucination then I think he's trying to say that if you wish something bad upon them then it can be just as bad as it actually happening.
-And the end part was probably something about us trying to buy things to find happiness but they always end up to bring upon our demise.

Thanks for reading this whoever you are I know it's long-ish.

tottaly mcnally

this series is trippy what animater progrom do u use?

umm...that was eerie lol

those beetles r so creepy. trippy but defintly in a good way , i hope u make the next 1, or the 1 b4 it i mean.
heh...i dunno where u get ur inspiration and ideas....but keep making em.

well done david

youve done it again, creeped me out but i like it


you still havn't failed to keep me interested...theres really nothing to say.

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Oct 10, 2004
10:33 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 11, 2004