Spoilsbury Toast Boy - 1

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Hello again. I'm still here.

This one's a prequel to Spoilsbury Toast Boy and I guess it should make the first one (actually the last one) more understandable. This series goes in reverse order (a bit like Memento)and I've subtitled some parts as some of the voices are a bit hard to understand. I hope you like it.


fked up to the max

jus the way i like it. very nice work here, like the rest of your stuff. the redredred thing was when the camara zoomed to toast boys own twisted mind and psyche.


I really liek it though theres one think i dont get, i do gett he 9
:41 sticky note thing( yes i hit play to stop it that many times before i hot the right frame) but i dont get the redredredred thing. Eh o well

I think I'm afraid of ants now.

This flash is so freakin' creepy! The effect you manage when you combine weirdness with creepy music is absolutely amazing. The first time I watched it I actually jumped a little at a few different parts. It's not as good as the Salad Fingers series but it's still incredible.

horrible... but irresistable.

as always your work is insane! I personally prefer this to the "part 1", and the beetles are much more morbid! as much as you probably hate requests by now (or whatever) this looks like a series worth invesdting more time into!

and you need to get in contact with channel 4 for a TV series! if they havent approached you already that is!

This was great

I never thought anything could be trippier or stranger then salad fingers, but this proved me wrong.... this and the other one were both just plain weird, and I actually liked them better then Salad Fingers overall.....

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Oct 10, 2004
10:33 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 11, 2004