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If you hate reading, go to Chapter Selection and check out the ‘cool examples’, they’re quite decent, but not very professional.

This is a small guide dedicated to helping out people new to flash, and people new to NG :) It contains a whole bunch of your friendly and loveable uncle Xenosteel’s advice, accompanied by a decent number of examples! As well as tips from NG users

- Updated: Fixed the links, now they open in a new window.. I also added a new tip by a NG user :)

If anybody notices any spelling/grammar mistakes please let me know, English is not my primary language so I’m bound to have mistakes someplace… Even though the whole thing is word-processed

Suggestions for a better title name are very welcome!!
I thought of “Hate blams?” as a title, but I was afraid I’d get unfairly blammed, ‘cuz the word ‘blam’ is enough to captivate 80% of NG towards blamming, lol

On the first “cool example” (Vai-Oh-Lyn’s) I really abused the animation! I highly suggest going for medium/low quality mode because even my Athlon64 lags with this, lol

-Oh, and for those who don't believe the 1,722 deleted entries, here's a link to the Obituaries on 5th.Oct.2004 http://www.newgrounds.co
(It's not a sunday night, but oh well)

And another thing, I dunno if this kind of flash tutorial has been done before, but that won’t stop me from submitting anyway…

Hope you find it useful!

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it really helped thanx

it really helped thank you :)


I liked it, twas informative and well thought out.

((( HEH )))

Heh its cool, i have seen a fe guides like this now, all presenting there own little view on things, its ok aslong as it helps, this had a nice design to it, also had some nice backround music to it overall notbad work...


the animations were fine but this whole thing was full of shit i mean everyone know why there works gets blammed on the count of they suck its like a lesson to do better next time its pretty obvious we dont need some nutjob to tells us. thats why they have reviews


Very informative. Hope it'll help me develop a skill for Flash. The last time I tried it, I found it insanely complicated, but maybe I'll have better luck this time. I'm downloading it as I type, actually.

Anyway, that first 'cool example' made me burst out laughing. Great work. The second one was obviously more serious, and it imparted the ambience that I think you were trying to convey. Again, great work..

I'm going to give this all tens 'cause I liked it.

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Oct 9, 2004
10:45 AM EDT