F.N.F. #7 - Cricket Trick

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Well for all you FNF fans...

I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY! I made this last minute and I have SATs in about 5 hours. So I'm gonna get some sleep now.

Enjoy the Friday Night Flick!


Man oh man

Man, this was good. My favorite was Nature Calls, but this one definatly was good man. Good use of the subtitles. I don't know what i would have done with out them. lol.

The main guy kind of reminded me of my friend. I'll have to send him this submission.

Graphics: 10
I always liked your graphic style of the FNF's.

Style: 10
Always enjoyed your work.

Sound: 10
Nice sound quality.

Violence: 6
He did kill the thing, but... thats not that much.

Interactivity: 1
I got to press play XD

Humor: 10
you got some mind man, that rocks.

Overall 8:
It was overall pretty good dude. I like Nature Calls best, but this was good. Still got it goin on with your movie making. I dig your work. This one is topped at #2 on all of the FNF's, right below Nature Calls (For me anyway.)

Good work.

what was that red-neck thing

this movie is so tits. I have no idea wut that deleciously white-trash green thing was though, but it was still tits.

made no sense

made no sense... perfect!! it rules, this shows just how you dont need anything intelligent to make a good flash =D
humor: 15
style: 15

That poor cricket.

Oh well. This was pretty darn funny. It seems to remind me of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, because there's a bit character in that show with tentacles on the floor a lot like this guy's. Also, the general nuttiness is very ATHF-like. But I guess that's no surprise, since Meatwad made a cameo in the Claveman series. And thanks for including subtitles for half-deaf folks like me to understand what the tentacle dude's saying, God knows we need more Flash with subtitles. And what is that guy, anyway? A squid? An alien? Meh...well, nice job on Cricket Trick, and I can't wait for the new stuff on Dinowax!


ok nick youve got make more like this, this is insanely funny i was crying from laughter!!! You really are the master of comedy!

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Oct 9, 2004
1:28 AM EDT
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