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A Better Life -final ed.

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took me two weeks. of non stop work.

My first movie (just fixed up a little

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lol this is really funny and pretty good considerin this is ur first movie. im givin this a 10 i just lowered the graphices because, like the last guy, theyr stick figures but i guess thats ok cause most first timers use stick figures but u were very detailed with the blood and stuff. my only question is where'd u get the idea?

nice... well, not bad.

i've seen this before, and i cant say taht this 'final ed' is much of an improvment. the graphics and animation are basically the same... and i really cant tell the difference... meh.
the graphics are average - stick figures. the aniamtion is alright... but again, you're using stick figures here. the music was ok, and didnt really go well with the violence factor of the movie. all in all its been done before. so yeh, get some fresh ideas.


i think it would have been a hell of a lot better if you didn't show all the stuff that they would get killed on right away, and just kinda followed them as they hit it... ya know, so it would be a surpise :P


I see you took my advice anyways...this is better than the first edition, but you still have some transition problems at the end. Still, it'll probably be better than my first try, so I can't rail on you too hard. I've seen lots of submissions done a lot worse than this, and you'll get better with practice, so keep at it, and I know you'll be a regular aroudn here someday.


In consideration to other submission before you this was an awesome submission for a first, actually accpetable to NG... but I had to deduct sound point because now you have that song stuck in my head