Inflatable Jesus

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It's Inflatable Jesus, come to visit little Timmy!


Jesus, NO!

That was sweet. I would've prefered to actually see Timmy get slaughtered. Oh well. Good job.


...Haha...The voice of the rubber jesus is a scaring mofo, but Mr Happy Face was alot beta coz of the fact that he chased the little knob around the house b4 he finally tasted Timmy's sweet sweet blood...haha but still another good one..keep em coming


If your like me and fuck up kids at school who tell you your going to hell, or your dead uncle is in hell because he killed himself, and didnt go to church, youll understand the meaning of this flash. If your a no-brained fuck job who thinks some one created humans in a day, fuck off dickweed. SO your jesus is all powerful and he protects you ? BOP right in the fucking mouth bitch, wheres jesus now.

ha........ha.........HAHAHA.. LOL. twisted.

Inflatable jesus, man. only the title is funny.
u can see the jesus, and u can also hear the rubber sound. haha.
and then the poor kid die. hahaha. i think i felt mean when i saw it, so i was laughing about that.
omg. nice. not the best but nice.


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Great clip. Disturbing to the core.

For those who seem to want a back story to this... I'll make one right now: People in the USA take religion a little too seriously like mindless children who don't relize some of their childhood stories are nothing but fairy tales, as is the same for most of the Bible stories. Most people fail to realize that most of it is not history and simply recycled stories from "heathen" beliefs. Anyways, its not suprizing that you might see over-religious morons wanting to have an inflatable Jesus (since they love Jesus so much!). Just name a friend who has a mother or father who takes religion so seriously that you just want to pop them in the mouth (or tell them simple things like 2+2 does equal 4 and NOT because God said so and of course they'll deny that). Next time their mindless bable pisses you off, tell them to go have fun with their inflatable Jesus.
(Note to Mr. Happy Face: Sorry to give a story to your movie. I bet you are pissed to hear the dumb assholes say "You're going to hell for this!" or "I don't get it, Jesus isn't evil." He wasn't evil, just his followers. Anyways, great frecken flick.)

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Oct 7, 2004
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