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Powerpuff Girls 4 of 4

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Last part of this crazy thing school project thing. I'm done with it guys, no more requests to finish it please. Maybe some day I'll release something new for online viewers. Something... BLOOMING CRAZY! Wouldn't that be the berries?

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thats the end??? an un-finished fight. oh wow what an amazing production a fully finished series of a short, unfinished fight :(

peice of crap

Technecally Impressive.

All animators can spend years on an animation and not get something good, But you managed to do a lot with alitte. The animation is not as flawless as others but it works fine. Ultimately animations studios will take a similar approach. It's sad you decided not to finish it but you but since this was made in 2004, by now you probably have a job at some animation studio or something.

Cheers for putting out something special, and something that Newgrounds doesn't have enough of.


The animation is really well done. I think you should finish. For old times sake. Please?

what about the rest of the fight?

im confused. i wanna know what happens. please?