Yankeeville #4 - Matrix..

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Episode 4 in Yankeeville series. Parodies Matrix and Blade + some other
movies. Lots of violence :) It's 600k, refresh if loading stops for a while. (I'm kind of disappointed in the response to this movie. It's pretty quickly made, but I think it's kinda silly and funny anyhow, the music and stupid violence... well well :))


A very violent film about a vet going wild. Improve the animation, include more comedy, and content.

Some good classic Vietnam veteran shoot 'em up entertainment! This was quite funny and entertaining to watch, it definitely exceeded my expectations anyway. The quality of animation was quite good and the backgrounds actually had a lot of time and effort put into them for the most part. The background music was good and pumping really adding to the epic shooting scenes. Some good sound effects were used as well. The introduction of this Vietnam veteran was well done too, it really clarified things and saved this submission from being another random violence ones.

One plot error I'm confused about: he says he's killing them because he thinks there Viet Congs when really they're supposedly having a pyjama party, but they don't appear that way in the movie. Anyway, the dialogue at the beginning with him busting through their door goes by way to fast for me to read the first time through and the pace of the video was a little choppy and slow. The ending was confusing as well, how did the sniper or whoever miss the target? It seems like they shot the other man on purpose.

A decent shooter movie, quite awesome with great music to pump up the action, but the ending was a little stupid with this dumbass sniper somehow missing the old man Veteran. Oh well, still some well performed entertainment.


A short film about an old man turning senile and mistaking a house party for a den of Viet Cong. The art is pretty basic but effective. The sound is pretty well done as well; the audio track being a club tune, and the gunshots seem good enough. The animation could have been better though as the characters seemed to just float about a bit. A simple and gory, but somehow fun story with some good ideas. Nothing special though.

like it
i think this movie would be better if they moved there legs when they walked
this is quite funny
could be better

Hey yeah it does look like Gran Torino!

The funny thing is that this came out like years before this was made. Wow strange coincidence indeed hug guy? That being said it's a silly blood bath but has some kinda likeability to it.

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2.13 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2000
1:11 PM EDT