Devil's Triad

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Well, I wanted to program an RPG game for my thesis project and came up with this cutesy, evil vs. evil thing in the end. So yeah, it has multiple endings, an RPG-style battle with Satan, and lots of cute characters to interact with. Well then, I hope you enjoy this game. Any feedback would be cool.


great game...

Alright...awesome game...but I've been playing for like 2 hours (oh so maybe almost four...but i'm not a quiter!) I can't find the darn leaves...that's what has me stuck. Anyone care to help? The key's in the same room as Vampy. The music got old really really fast...maybe you could make an option to turn it off? Again, great game...keep them coming!

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i beat every character(vampys the easiest)
tip:to get that stupid raven with vampy for winniejust get the spell book (u can only get it if u get ghost girl to join) turn into a bat go to the raven press space and click destroy the bird.
tip:to get the beer with for vampy just get the spell book (witch u can only get if u get winnie to join u) turn invisible and go to the pub.
tip:to get the comb for ghost girl just get the spell book (u can only get if winnie joins)turn into a cat go too cat girl and then leap on her lap then shell give you the comb

awesome game

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awesome cool game

vampire girl sexy

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It was tight! Could have been easier, though.

Dude, this game was tight! Although, I think it could have been a little bit easier. I spent an hour looking for the klora leaves. Oh well, it was still pretty awesome! Oh yeah, and that vampire's kinda cute.

Nice work...

Liked your drawings, very artistic.
Music looping pissed me right off but still ok.
Took me like three attemts to understand game.

Awsome concept, keep up the good work.


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3.81 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2004
8:43 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG