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Ford Ranger Xlt

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Just securing the rangers place in history

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A word of advice my friend...
That "to be continued" you put at the end?
It's as simple as that.


well~! somebody here has too much spare time on their hands


this was a great flash, but it was sort of reminiscient of the synj cartoons. Still good though.

Sweet Deal

I have no idea how this got flagged the first time but it was weird. Anyway, it's cool that this thing got finished, and a fairly nice score, tis alright.
There's quite a few things I wanted to critique on, and maybe I'll get my lazy ass to it someday, but right now I'm tired, lazy, and got tonnes of work to do.

heh, Dizave666, yeh everything that has a setting in the forest has now suddenly become a rip off of prowlies, dumbshit. This is nothing like it.

Too much like "Prowlies at the River"

It wasnt bad..it was actually pretty good, but not very original. Was too much like Prowlies at the River...Try to be a little more original and come up with something of yur own next time and it might not be that bad.