Hiro Shitaku

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Yes... while Hiro Shitaku is fictional (means, not real...), the remaining goodness in this "edu-mation" (at over seven minutes long) is accurate, and with a bit of comedy, will explore the history and techniques of the Japanese animation industry. I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope everyone enjoy's watching it!

** Disclaimer: to avoid confusion, Hiro was not a real person. However, all of the techniques discussed in this film were instead created by the industry as a whole to deal with their insane production quotas. Learn, laugh, but please don't take this film 100% seriously. Sorry.


you can check it out if you want

Just and Lecture about the history of amination


It was really interresting, good voice quality and perfect informations. You should fix the preloader though. Many newgrounders won't like it, since it isn't really newgrounds stuff, but keep up the work and show us some more of your work.

Good luck in the future!

I thought it was okay

You do have some point, but not all Otaku think anime is life, like me, i just think anime is just nice thing to have and watch.... anymoo, I liked how you simplified much of the detail of animation industry, but also some things you said like about some action scenes by simplifying characters is incorrect and some techniques (can't spell) is no longer used, but most of what you said is twue...chibi is actually nipongo for DWARf or MIGIDT...but in american anime otaku usually for sum strange reason translate it to super-deformed, if it literally translates that it stil means midigt. Um anymoo, it is a nice animation history and like how you made this documentry but u should watch animations like Samurai X OAV and see how much different and unique like most animations in the 90's. Well, I guess I don't know what i am talking about but good job..Now maybey do sumthing on Woodblock prints? ( I like orient traditional art than most used anme styles)

oh come on dead_raziel...

it wernt that bad...

hmmm... it was like one of those more intresting movies... but u propably prefer a more action packed movie hmmm?

id recomend this to some one who wants to know where there little anime cartoons first came from but that would be it...

im not seen many cartoon like this one, all true...
but i saw nothing very funny a all... ok mybe the godzilla part but thats about it...

all in all it was ok i guess... but i guess in more peoples tastes... this was a little dull...

p.s i love replies... good or bad... gimme a reply plzzzzzzzz...

the goblin :)

CirrusEpix responds:

I gotz your reply right here...

Sorry it seemed slow. But then, it's a little different than what people normally see here on NG.


lol not that bad i just ond like maple story lol same moves every tim eu atk
nothing new when i played and i dotn plan on playing ever again lol nice story line? kinda boring lol u need something more interesting about maple lol cause it bores the shiet out of me lol not really funny and d everything else sucks XD


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Oct 5, 2004
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