Hiro Shitaku

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Yes... while Hiro Shitaku is fictional (means, not real...), the remaining goodness in this "edu-mation" (at over seven minutes long) is accurate, and with a bit of comedy, will explore the history and techniques of the Japanese animation industry. I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope everyone enjoy's watching it!

** Disclaimer: to avoid confusion, Hiro was not a real person. However, all of the techniques discussed in this film were instead created by the industry as a whole to deal with their insane production quotas. Learn, laugh, but please don't take this film 100% seriously. Sorry.


Eeeeee yay!!!!

Not only was this really helpful, but I saw my three favorite classic animes! Astro Boy, Kimba, and Speed Racer. <3 Glad you used them! Although, of course, if I would have done something like this, I would have definitely made Osamu Tezuka both the narrator and the main character.

Nice video

I liked the video, but to say the information in this is accurate? I did a whole history report on anime for college, and I know everything in this isn't accurate. His cat may have been named chibi, but chibi means small person or small child. There are a few other things in here that are not accurate as well, such as chibis where not created for the soul purpose of shortening time length in drawing.

Well anyway besides that, it's a good video though. Wouldn't recommend for education though.

You do know....

chibi means small person. nobody coined it. Let it be known though nice story-but ironicly sorry animation. unless of course u were "saving" time. LOL

Glad you had fun!

Because I had fun, good job! ^-^ d

Modern Warfare

The start where you click "Play", the background is an emblem on MW2!
That's awesome :D

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