Little Samurai 2

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This movie is really below my current animation skills, I strongly recommend you watch the "Remaked" version. It's better.

Anyways. This was my first flash ever. The characters are a bit choppy and crayon-like. But it will improve during the series. Well... hope you enjoy it...
- Kael Sorrow


great first shot!

i liked how he got decapitated in the end, & the fight song was pretty good. would have fitted better in a high speed chase though. & the drawing is great. but, it is very short. i know there is a remake & this is your first flash, so this was a very good first shot.

Your first movie...

It sure as hell wasn't bad for a first try.
But I don't quite understand why it's called "Little Samurai 2" instead of just "Little Samuurai" seeing as it is your first movie and not a sequel.
Speed it up a bit and make it longer with a storyline and you'd have a great movie.

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i agree

i agree with Jackoginger, this movie could have been good, should have put more fighting into and you shouldn't have rushed it!

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Kael-Sorrow responds:

Well, first, it wasn't rushed, most of bad done... If you are looking for more fight, watch the remaked version

Short and..

RUSHED!This could of been a good movie but you rushed it!I hate it when people rush movies just so they can get it in to the portal!ERROR!ERROR!Try again!

not bad.

but it needs more length, thats for sure man. the graphics are decent, and the animation is also quite good. but the only thing wrong with this is the amount of content. so its lookin good, just make them longer.

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2.36 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2004
5:58 PM EDT
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