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EDIT - 06-03-2008:
WOW, finally I managed to retrieve my password, havn't been able to log in for years!, the recover password never worked for me. I'm editing some of my movies with this info to tell you all my site is now www.retrogaming4ever.org, AND Kung Fu 4 will not be completed as the source is long gone :(. I have recently started with Flash again and are only into programming games now, still a noob, I know the basics but it's enough to make some cool games, just need to be a little clever :). There is an updated version of Kung Fu - Remix on my site, I do not bother to upload it here. The site needs updates and some links and stuff might not work... donno when I'll do it :). A lot of my time I spend on www.RecordedAmigaGames.or g.

Note: Special 3 only works when standing in the center of the screen.

READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING!: (or don't post complaints or vote)

As many of you doesn't bother viewing the instructions in HOW TO PLAY, I will explain everything here + more.

You will recieve a password after you have lost all 3 lives and chosen NOT to continue playing.

You gain your first special on stage 2. So no specials on stage 1.

You can't pause when fighting a boss. It would just give you an advantage as you could see what their next move would be. It was also very tricky to code so I didn't other anyway.

You can't use specials on bosses. It would be too easy to win then.

The specials are done by pressing key 1-3, and I DON'T mean the numberpad keys. Too perform a special you have to have enough power. Special 1 requires ONE full powerbar, special 2 requires TWO full powerbars...

Some people have european keyboards and maybe other models aswell. You can set the punch and kick key in the Options. Default is Punch=Z, Kick=X.

I don't know why many of you are complaining over the game being too hard. Have you ever played another game before? This game is easy compared to most games, for example, Nintendo 8-bit games. Do you expect to beat the game in 5 mins??? I didn't spend a year programming this game so that people then could beat it during a coffee break. You DO get a password so you can continue.

Some of you have slow computers. I know how difficult it can be to play this game on a slow computer cuz I have tried it. Therefore I give you this alternate version, same game, but smaller view size:


Use arrow keys and Enter/Space to navigate in the menu.

A remake of Nintendo 8-bit's Kung Fu.

This version features new music, sound effects, moves, bosses, enemies, specials, sprite artwork and much more.

I started working on this game over a year ago. At first I didn't know anything about coding. the first thing I learned was how to make a character walk. Then I learn more and more.

Want me to make more stuff like this? Then please motivate me (donate) :).

Special thanks to Ninja Dude for making most new sprites and to MortalMaxx for making sprites and Beta testing.....

The enemies have some sort of AI. Just walk up to the enemies and punch/kick them. Don't just hold the kick/punch button waiting for the enemy to walk into you attack, that wont work as they will stop just outside your range and kick YOU!



Awesome game, althoguh on the second lvl i glitched it to make myself have infinite life but it stopped the game immediately and all i could do was run around.

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Wow. Amazing.

Wow... very good. Near perfection, but still has some flaws preventing me from voting 5 (I voted 4), but can be improved upon. Just want to point out some things:

- Those who find this game difficult are used to the easyness of the old classic, where the enemies practically ran into your fist. This one you really have to work to get up to them and hit them, an element that added a good amount of difficulty, yet a bit of frustration to the gameplay, especially with the boss. It immediately reminded me of MegaMan games, where you don't beat the boss at first try, but if you keep on trying you get better and better and learn how to beat it.
- Speaking of Megaman, big surprise when he turned out to be a boss. Very ingenious -- never saw that one coming. I mean, the intro provided a very good, dramatic, and believable storyline to Kung Fu, plus the first boss was true to the original, but when I saw that Megaman was a boss, that killed it for me. Yes, it makes the game more interesting, but it doesn't fit the story for me. Sorry.
- Not being able to pause when fighting during Boss? I found this out when I had to run to the bathroom! Gotta have pause whenever you need it.
-You should at least explain in the tutorial that you can't use specials until you learn them, especially since you're able to power up the bar in the first level when you don't have anything to use it for. I spent a couple minutes trying to figure out what "NR 1" meant, until I read a review saying I can't use specials til I pass level 1. And not being able to use a special against a boss? Sorry, but I thought that was stupid (I spent the whole level building up my powerbar, and I can't use it. What good is that? "No, I can take him without the specials." Psh barely!).
-Love the Ninja Turtle video game music. Brought back a lot of memories. Oh, by the way, speaking of music, after I beat the first boss the Boss music didn't stop until I climbed the stairs.
-Maybe have a "Get Ready!" message when Tomas enters and before beginning the level to stay true to the original? Looks boring if he just walks out there and stands there waiting.
-Very nice work with all the new sprites implemented. Adds a whole lot of flavor to the classic.
-There aren't enough enemies to charge your bar to the 3rd, let alone 2nd, level, even with jump kicking them all! I know what you can do to fix it, make each special move require only 1 bar each, and you can press 1, 2, or 3 to use the special you want. Actually, I think you should move the special move button(s) closer towards the punch and kick buttons. It was a hassle to reach for the 1 in the heat of battle.
-The game messed up when I was fighting the fourth boss. After I kicked the purple ghost thingy, the boss never returned so I could kill him. I had to give up and close the game after all that hard work getting there! Now I'll never know if Tomas will get his bitc... er, his girlfriend back.
-Nice touch with the password stuff. However, I think I got a bunk password for the third level (4123 with a 3 in the japanese character) -- wouldn't work!

Overall, very good. I look forward to your future works, as well as improvements on or a sequel to this game.

HINT FOR THOSE HAVING TROUBLE PLAYING: Kill as many enemies as you can without moving further in the level towards the boss. If you kill the amount of enemies needed to access the boss, the amount of pesky "ninjas" in your way greatly decrease, if not disappear altogether, as you make your way towards the boss.

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This game is hard. :( But I still love it. :D

It's hard, But I appreciate the time and effort put in to it. This flash was pretty krunk. I enjoyed it. The bosses were hard. :\ this is one of the first well-done pixel games I've seen in a while. Great job.

Finnallly I finshed it

it took more then 1 hour, but I finshed it.God this game is soo hard but soo fun,The graphics resemble a NES title(in other words there great).The sound is spectacular I mean it has the song from the "TMNT( teen mutant ninja turtles):turtles in time' game.It also has cameo apperances from ...... and ..... .All that plus kameamea wave style attack ,and awesome gun stance attack.So overall this game is just about perfect,its just really hard.You wont wanna stop playing it,unless you write down all the codes.5 out of 5 great job.


Is there like a special button for going up the stairs........b/c on lvl 2 i couldnt go upstairs.......

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Oct 5, 2004
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