Cts VS ts dress up!

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hello peeps,
this is my 2nd flash first game,i posted this before but didnt past judgement,hopefully this time it will because i updated alot of stuff in the game.i even added buttons that i have been stuggeling with for along time and they work wohooo!this took me ages to do.My chair has a be ditch in it where i havent moved from this spot.well anyways i hope u enjoy :O)


not terrable

u should have mad a lock on system so when u put the cloth on person it sticks instead of having to try and aim it perfect out selves

not bad.

I usually hate dressups, but this wasnt SO bad... I mean, there were some pretty good options, plus a good selection in music to boot with it.
I also liked the fact you had the voice announce what song was playing, something not used often, but CAN get annoying at times.
Anywyas, good job.


This isn't actually a dressup but more of a CS creator (or something like that)
Well call it as you like but this is still an original flash.
Well done !
(That voice gets annoying after few times so try to make a stopsound button)

Nice dressup!

Finally, an original dressupgame! Good job!


Weird...and yet strangely enjoyable.

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1.82 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2004
4:51 PM EDT
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