Megaman X OLB ep.6

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Here it is like I promised. This one was alittle personal when I made it, you'll understand why when you see it (I think) Its short but sweat! Sorry to say, this is the LAST OLB ep. This series is over but the story is not. I hope you guys enjoy ep. 6 since you won't be seeing any flash from me for awhile. Thanks to everyone for the support! And I'll try to respond to everyone's reviews!




i liked it, but zero looked diferrent, like some hooked up 2 foot taller protoman or something with the same shield that wasnt proportional to his size.

Kaosboy85 responds:

lol, thats cause it was protoman:-p and also, yeah his sheild could have been bigger. Glad you liked it and thanks for watching!

Best megaman serie

shit man!, this is the best megaman seria i've ever seen in newgrounds.........hopes u can finish the storycuz i really want to know if what happens later....;)
and protoman had a nice armor ;)....capcom should pull him back in the X series...-.-

More of Story, [Yes, please.]

... seriously, I like using my imagination to fill in holes, but this is a bit... much. You built a good little story--finish it off in text form, or in flash. >.<

Ooh, foreshadowing

I'd guess that that could be Wily at the end. But that's just a guess. The Proto Man sprite looked really cool. What base did you use for that?

My only problem was that it was too short. The battle sequences were excellent though.

Looking Forward To The Next Series

You've established yourself as an author who the viewers can depend on. When you say you're going to release something, you release a quality project on time. I think that's a great attribute to have; it shows professionalism and responsibility.

The voice at the end of this installment was AWESOME! He really makes you wonder what sort of trouble is going to rear its ugly head in your next series!

Though this episode felt far too short and a bit rushed, I'm confident it's paving the way for something greater on the horizon. When the day comes that you release the new series, I'll be waiting with popcorn in hand! You did a great job on this series overall and it's something you can be proud of! Thanks for the entertainment! EXCELLENT STUFF!!!

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Oct 5, 2004
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