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Megaman X OLB ep.6

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Author Comments


Here it is like I promised. This one was alittle personal when I made it, you'll understand why when you see it (I think) Its short but sweat! Sorry to say, this is the LAST OLB ep. This series is over but the story is not. I hope you guys enjoy ep. 6 since you won't be seeing any flash from me for awhile. Thanks to everyone for the support! And I'll try to respond to everyone's reviews!



great job

this was a great magaman movie. but i did have one problem with this movie the red magaman guy was evil in the show. or was that guy suppost to be zero if so it was not that great of a job doing zero. but other then that it was a asome movie. wish i could see more movie of this qualtie on newgrounds

I knew it....

I knew it, i love the fight scene in this one. Freaking awesome, hopefully you get back to this one sooner that expected, because i hate cliffhangers unless they come back with a story fix sooner that a year. Well thanks for the awesome series thus far. Peace.

...yep...keep's getting better

Series getting more intresting, hope you get back with the rest of the story sometime.



rofl yeah ok thats like saying "Plz dont vote on this movie if you dont like it"

besides the fact that your entire series has a crapy storyline/plot, as far as sprite movies goes, this one is horrible.

Why did you feel the need to stretch everything? Why? Why??

But hey at least the sound was good and for that you get 5.

OH KAOSBOY, so this is the first "end" :D

Do i see a competator for a daily place ;), because i do believe i do, and psst before the review, may you please respond to the one i made for 5, i always like getting your responses, ANYWAYS onto another monster review ^_^
Graphics: That first battle, AMAZING, protoman was SERIOUSLY kicking ass, but of course, it being him, was sort of a given I MEAN RED TEXT heh just kidding, anyways, he was seriously killing everything, and with some SERIOUS style as well, well animated :). Also the fact it was a custom sprite sheet was so cool to hear
Sound: Firstly time to go over this one's songs :). Well i have always loved the title pages song, and have it downloaded ^_^, 2nd czer song on the audio list, is even better, and i do declare it is time for another download ;). Evil Dog's fit its purpose, was eerie, and made you know the diabolical plan of this "Virus Armageddon." And GS' wich was used for Jon i guess, well may i ask who Jon is, that is if you wish to tell :), because it was a sad way to start the hyper flash, THOUGH by the end of it, it became very fitting because you wanted us not to be sad right ;D. Also i do so love that voice acting, and the maniacal laugh was pure gold ^_^.
Style: Well it was a short one, but that is alright it WAS ONLY A WEEK after last weeks very long and awesome episode so heh, well basically the whole thng was a battle, then a cliffhanger, but both of those were done pretty damn well ^_^
Violence: Well this definately deserves a ten, between the maniacal laugh and the Protoman doing some pwnsing :D, especially after the nice little quoet "YOUR KIND MAKES ME SICK" *OMG PWNSING BLAST* that was probably the best part ^_^
Well this is the end of One Last Breath eh? Can't wait to see the next one's name and its first episode. Heh well i gave it a 5/5 and raised it by .02 when i did <3, just hope you get another high ranking daily place THE END

Kaosboy85 responds:

Oops, I fell asleep last night before I was able to respond to this one also. Well my appreciation for your reviews go without saying so lets get to the point:-p...

I'm glad someone picked up on why I was using red text the whole time for the "mystery man". Also I'm gogi nto let you in on a little secret (mainly cause I'm sure noones going to read my response to your review) This ep wasn't just to finish OLB is was also to set the stage for another series unrelated to MMX. Protoman X TRP (The Red Phoenix, a prequal to the OLB series)then later Protoman X LTR (Legend of The Robots, which takes place in the year 25XX) So thats why this one was important. I'm also glad you were able to realize that the whole ep was made in the course of a week, which aint bad:-p As far as Jon, which was the symbolic theme of this ep, he was my brother who was the one who would kick the living fuck out of the people who messed with me when I was down. I'm guessing you can make the connection then with the flash:-p. Anyway, I'm startign to feel like you with the long comments:-p Thankyou as always and one day whe nthe world least expects it they shall see a glimer of light in the sky and they will know Megaman X TRE has arrived!

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Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2004
11:11 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place October 6, 2004