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This week, Hans brings his new poon back to show the fam!!


It started out funny with the rape and all...

Then the poorly animated arms started to ruin the feal for the humor. So.... close.... nope, I had to vote you low.

im gonna rape you!!!!

that is a clasical piece of flash the voices make it sound so funny i nearly pissed myself make more sick animations dude i lv all your work seen every one of them but make long RPG'S dude i love your work i really do im such a massive fan of your work please make more i'm bored so i beg u now please , please make more the dad was the funniest theres a camera there and there i dont see any, stabs her didn't see that either did ya!!!

A Guy Who Creates What He Feels

Now before I start, I only gave this 10s in graphics and interactivity was to counteract all the negative scores I've seen in reviews for this flick.
This flash deserves praise, because whether Marc intended it to come out like this or it was just good luck with the sound recording and everything fell into place, this flash is funny on so many different levels.
People who give this flick a negative score are the same ones who can't sit through a scary horror flick without screaming like little bitches. Marc M. aptly names his collection of works SICK ANIMATION giving every potential viewer the forewarning of what is to come. I can appreciate this, in that I see that in his films, he puts in the things that are sickest to him, and that in itself is worthy of note.
Not everyone will like this flash, and some have evidently been downright appaulled by it. I enjoyed it, because to be honest, I'm a sick weirdo aswell, maybe not on the same level of our fine author here, but a little off, nonetheless.
Why else would I take the time to write a review for this.

Man this is great

"Do you see that?" I've seen this before, but I didn't review, but I hadn't seen it for a while, so it was good to see again.


Holy shit! That has go to be the best piece of ass i have ever seen!!!! The way the father says "I'm gunna rape you" makes me wanna laugh and fall.
Great sick animation, i hope to see more.

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2.75 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2004
4:09 AM EDT
Comedy - Original