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Virtual Microwave

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Made just for Newgrounds. Lets just say I felt the need to do my part and add to the excessive madness.


nice quik game

iight, how tha hell did ya turn this into a game mayne? i never thought it possible but ya did it, nice work

funny microwave

nice animation, the idea itself was sort of stupid to begin with anyways, but hey, u made it work, so nicely done

Words to live by.

Everyone should know this simple math equation. Microwave+Mini-Nuke=Massive destruction of everything within a 5 mile radius. Plus, you're probably not going to make any new friends at the appliance store's complaint department. Provided the store's still standing. That was funny as fuck! Mad props for this dope game!

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that was fuckin cool, entertained me for a little while there. i put everything in there and turned it on high. fun shit, four out of five, nice original idea

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At first it was stupid but then I took all of them except the nuke and placed them in the microwave and that got me laughing so I gave you a 4 lol good job anyways
*** out of ****

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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2004
12:36 AM EDT
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