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Internal Fires 6

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Author Comments

by csscblackbelt2000

Internal Fires 6 - We last saw or hero being saved by unknown aliens. But, as you saw, he was in much worse condition under their rulings. The alien beings were just about to begin experimenting and dismantling him when he used his god given poewr...his Internal Fires... to escape and he jumped off the aircraft carrying him.

Hero is now lost. He landed on a strange part of what we believe is Zone 8 of the new colonies in sector 3z, no fly zone.

Not only is he lost, but he is confused. Things that once looked familiar now find themselves to be odd and mishapen.

Hero decides to visit the oracle. Maybe it would have some information for him, while at the same time, clear up a lot of the mumbo jumbo in his head.

Stay tuned for Internal Fires 7...



What is the deal with the genie??? At the end the scenecs just keep going to from behind the guy sitting at the bar bac to seeing the guy's face and the genie gettign big then disapearing. Over and over and over..you get the idea. You say this are teaser, Why not jsut make a story instead of all these teasers???

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Yes, these are teasers, but they have been worked on enough so that they can stay alive alone.

and that's being generous...

maybe it was just me but the thing seemed stuck on a loop...and not a particularly good one at that. i'm sure you meant well but didn't pull it off for me...if that's the kind of thing you were going for (an irritating 2 second skit over the tequila music) then well done my hat goes off to you...if it was meant to have humour, class, wit, a story, then you failed...badly...but thanks for trying

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

What! Not again! ROAHHHHHH

People keep getting stuck on that loop for some reason. It seams to work fine on my computer and all the other computers I have checked it with.
Maybe if you try click on the Genie's tail, the very tip of it, it may fix the problem. Please review a different of my IF's to tell me if this helped. thank you.


heyman you need to chill out you are way to aggresive about defending this unmitigated crap that you call "internal fires" it's shit like this man shit like this that pisses me off. you don't need to bite my head off it's just the oppinion of some asshole with nothing better to do than give you shity reviews your "fans" are bound to defend the honor of your animations to the death and you're not going to make anyone else a fan by insulting me or indeed anyone that reviews your animations honestly. i don't know may be it's me and maybe i have bad taste but the overwhelming majority of the people that have reviewed this animation say it's crap and i have to agree with them.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Let's think about all this for a quick minute or two.

What does the word defend mean?
"To make or keep safe from danger, attack, or harm." is the definition given from Dictionary.com.

Let me give to you an example. In basketball, when the person is running towards the basket to make a basket, do you just stand there and do nothing? No. An intelligent person would DEFEND the basket so as the other would not get any points, reducing their chances of winning while at the same time raising your chances.

A response can only be given to a review. The reviewers are attacking me, some with good things to say, and most with bad. Reviewers are on offense and I, as the responder, am on defense.

I (usually) am as agressive in defense as the opposite is in offense, if not more. How else would it be? That's how it works. If you don't want me to say anything you will regret having reviwed me, then don't write anything at all.

You get pissed off at my Internal Fires? Wow, thank you. That is a very nice thing of you to say.

If you are calling yourself an asshole, I have no respect for you and I am to void any advice given to me in this review.

This really got old too long ago...

I've had enough of crap in the style of this...

For anyone who makes this kinda crap and/or finds it funny, you need the shit beaten out of you 100 times over or until you're crying like the lifeless pussies you are! Whichever comes first! In the case of the 'artists' maybe there's a remote chance after the severe beating you'll make something worth Newgrounds bandwidth but even then I doubt it.

It's submissions like this that insults everything this site should stand for, with things that looked like they came out your ass! Hell you spent more fucking time hacking or whatever the fuck you did to protect this then on the fucking movie itself! It's so pathetic it's funny! But I'm laughing at you retards not with you...

If you guys or anyone else intends to make a reputation from this standard of work I have only this to say...


csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Looks like mr. Jedi_Coconuts is trying to be a big boy (or whatever it is you like to be). You have risen from writing reviews using other's review, to writing one review and copy and pasting it to three of my naimations (in which one case you forgot to paste the last half of on one of them), to this. If you have had enough, why do you keep reviewing my moview? eh? eh? eh? EH? That's what I thought. You love my Internal Fires Series. Muahaha. Don't try to fight it.

YOU nor anyone else will ever have the capability of beating the shit out of me. Before you can even try, you will be running home to your mommies or making out with the cement.

Actually, its people like you who are isnsulting the goodness if Newgrounds. Have you ever taken a shit before? I mean, come on. Tell the truth now. Are you one of those people who hold it in? No wonder you don't know what things that coume out of peoples asses look like. Take a shit in a toilet. You should try it some time. All the cool kids are doing it. Don't miss out!

Wow, accusing me of hacking. I am honered. Thank you. But no, I don't have to hack into Newgrounds to get my Internal Fires passed. Pathetic? I don't hack, so wrong again. funny? don't see anything funny except the fact that you think I have to hack to get my animations here. HAHAHA. Now that is funny. Your name is funny by the way.

Do you think that I am trying to make a reputation / occupation out of all of these? Have you heard of something called School? All the cool kids are doing it. Don't miss out.

These animations are all results of 5 minutes breaks from all my AP homework.

First shooter are awesome. Funny you say I should play first person shooters, I mean, you are the one who was attempting to make fun of my screen name. As I already explained to you quite clrealy, "cs" stands for Counter Strike. Have you heard of it? All the cool kids are doing it. Don't miss out!

As you can see, you aren't very cool. You don't shit in toilets, go to school, or even heard of counter-strike, not to mention you are very forgetful and absolutely unjustified in your opinion that these movies suck.

Look forward to your next review (please make it good this time).

Oh, by the way, my gang of Russians are starting to get real pissed at you.

Great Job

Okay, Im still watching it, been watching it for 2 hours now, and I must say it gets better and better. Funnier and funnier every time. It might even be more fun than talking in Espanol! (not sure about that one, becuase talking in spanish is a lota fun!!!).

AYE, DIOS MIO, Este pelicula es BUENO!! Yo quiero vodka! (o tequilla)!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:


thank you.

You should start making your own flash animations!!

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Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2004
11:06 PM EDT