Banana Fingers EP.4

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Nice job!

A lot of things in this just came out of nowhere. Good work at capturing the essence of Seinfeld in there too. I'm ready to see the next one!

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I just joined Newground and went through all the registering process just to congratulate you. I like Salad Fingers, but your spoof is also funny and it is developing a life of its own.

But more than anything else, i'd like to congratulate you for the "It will heal" phrase. I ROTFL with it.

Also i'm a big Seinfeld fun. I liked the Seinfeld drem part but i'd like to see George Constanza to say something.

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Kreuger Industrial Smoothing

I stick by what I said in my review of episode 3. Some funny stuff, but it would be better with original characters than weakly clinging to Salad Fingers' notoriety. But, I don't imagine you'll be changing that anytime soon, seeing as how you're being promoted by Master Firth himself.

Anyway, good episode, although the ending was pretty lame. That gag has been, how shall I say... done. Yeah, I guess that describes it pretty well. Good choice, Seikima! It's been done. A lot.

Phoomph responds:

yea, im sorry! i guess it just slipped my mind how often people make banana fingers getting fucked in the ass by a big black guy in jail in there animations. i cant believe i forgot that! thanks for reminding me!

awesome, apart from the end

was a very cool episode, the gay ending, i didn't like, that ain't cool...

the rest was gold jerry, gold!

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nice job but for the end

"Will you marry me?"
"um, nooo its kindof against my religi-"
*shows ring*

That was NICE. oh em jee, I el em aye ohed at that.
(dont worry im not gonna write the whole thing in obnoxious
pointless spelled out acronyms ^_^)
The whole thing was great except for the very end. somehow bringin sex into it kinda killed it. but everything else was awesome, great job, waitin for the 5th

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3.93 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2004
10:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody