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This movie is an animated clip from my favorite film Ichi the Killer, animation is choppy but I like it.



dude if ur gonna post ur movie on this site NEVER insult us cause thats the best way to get blammed... n o yea ur movie sucked... that didnt make no sence at all... only thing that made 4 me wus the chills.... hey ya'll just dont c the movie cause its not worth the time n just BLAM THIS PIECE OF SHIT!

Gi-go responds:

Oh no! The blink 182 s8r boi dosent like my movie! Im sorry my movie wasted your time when you could be out being the dickless poser you are. Of course your not going to understand if you havent seen Ichi the Killer, read the discription before you decide to make a bigger ass out of yourself. You tony hawk playing skater wannabe fatass.

cussing at newgrounds people doesn't help

Well first of all letme get a cross that you set off a bad precedence to all of your viewers on newgrounds when you take the time to call us "assholes" it's best not to send a message like that to all of your possible viewers due to a few bad remarks from a couple. Now that that is over I guess I may be an " asshole " cause I do think this short was not very good at all.

great depiction.

that was some pretty cool stuff dude. very graphical, and the characters were well drawn. the animation was pretty good, but i dont think he would have taken that long to cut his tounge off :P haha. i think that the idea for the voices isnt too bad, but the 'mumblings' are all muffled. but all in all a pretty cool movie.


Could use some improvements but overall this was very nice.

stop bitching this rocked

i dont know wat the fuck u guys r crying about this is a great scene from a movie that u guys dont know shit about this aint ripping anything off dumass's this movie rocked and i felt the pain now stop complaining

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3.85 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2004
3:03 PM EDT
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