Flash MX tutorials 2

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There's a swell program, 'Audacity' for audio editing. Google it.

Some more tutorials on how to make your movie NOT look really ugly and sucky.
I'll add more tips when I think of them.

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man , yall r funny

Thanks agian

THANKS again!

I like the idea of this tutorial but...

...I agree with the last guy,don't be an ass about it,geez you sounded like an idiot man,make your tutorials a little bit more...
I don't know...more open to new ideas,for instance,SOME body
must like scrolling text,ever noticed it in real movies?Huh?
The tutorial was informative,although this particular one stated nothing I didn't know already.I still liked it.You have potential,just don't ruin it for everyone by being such a jerk about it.

i liked the first one better

This one has some good stuff in it but it keeps bashing on my stuff and i dont like tuts that make me feal like my stuff is bad i dont care if it is a tut should be nice and incureging not like i hope this will make you movie less pathetic... other then that it had less stuff in it then the first allthough i do like the stick thing at the end

some ppl can be assholes

yea i kinda understand how not everyone is trying to learn how to make flashes but some need help in other areas of flash. i guess its hard for people who arent animators or things like that to understand that. they are all ignorant towards it and thats what makes them all look stupid so good job

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Oct 2, 2004
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