NeoPrimitive Level 1

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A game by me and NG alias NAR, this is just level one. We're currently in the process of creating level 2, which will be the sniping level. Level 2 won't work yet obviously because we're still working on it. I swear, we'll get done eventually. You may remember playing this before, but this is a improved version.

ONE MORE THING. Reviews are cool. :) Constructive, please.



I would go as far as to say that this game should come out for gamecube! Yes, yes indeed. I bet this game won't be done for at least two years, because I know it's hard in development etcetera etcertera! But anyways, the only thing I'd like to see more of is fireworks, I mean really, I didn't see more than one firework the whole time!

grandmapotatoes responds:

Go away, figgit. I made this game all by myself. Lawl.


i was very empressed and i enjoyed playing the first level very much with some more work this game could become very good the outline of the second level looks great and ill be excited when it comes out keep up with the good work !! ill be looking forward 3/5

grandmapotatoes responds:

We might actually finish it one day!! Probably not though :)


This game is good but has a weird bug.Everytime i kill something my scor gows down but when i miss it goes up?Can you tell me what is happening?

grandmapotatoes responds:

The "negative sign" is just a dash. I'll remove it!


it was alright, you need to fix your scoring system it seems. everything that i shoot.. the score goes down. But if i don't shoot a thing and just shoot air then the score goes up. very weird shooter.

grandmapotatoes responds:

Oooh, people keep complaining that it looks like a negative score, but it's just a dash. EEP! I'll have to remove that!

Didnt get to me

I like shot em ups but this one wasnt that great

grandmapotatoes responds:

To each his own.

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2.67 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2004
3:46 AM EDT
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