"Target Practice"

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My first Frame by Frame animation, and my first submission to NG. This was basically just a test, or practice, and has no plot other then people getting blown away.


This animation is unfairly judged by the actions of its creator. Yes, the fact of the matter is that Weise killed people. Unfortunate, but as a result of that, people simply jump the gun and say "oh, he was mentally disturbed and made this disgusting 'chilling' (I hate that word) animation." It's just like those people that say that shooters play violent video games. While that's true, it's unfair to say that violent video games cause such violence. The same can be said for those who make violent animations. One of the most popular flash serials on Newgrounds is Madness Combat. That series is far more violent and bloody than this. Has the creator committed a mass shooting? Nope. Hell, even Tom Fulp, who CREATED Newgrounds basically made a name for himself back in the day with violent games and animations. Judge the animation, not the creator. The fact of the matter is that it's actually a pretty decent cartoon. It's surprisingly well-animated for being Weise's first submission, and it captures the Newgrounds spirit with its pointless, random acts of violence. The sound isn't the greatest (it's completely silent except for the gunshots and explosions), but that can be forgiven. It's a shame that Weise had to die, because he had a lot of talent and if he'd kept at it he could've improved even more and become famous rather than infamous. R.I.P.

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Powerful stuff.

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Most of us can only dream about this scenario and you all know it is true so don't act like none of you have ever wanted to do this. The difference is that this guy right here had the nutsack to follow through with it. He also posted some little gems before it all happened as well. Something tells me that he had to put up with a lot of bullshit and at some point you get tired of it and decide to make an example. People fail to consider that there may be consequences for fucking with others and this is the exact results when the odds don't pan out for the people who push someone this far. Every so often you are going to lose the gamble and the person is going to do something you never expected. The real tragedy here is that we have one less talented animator among us because untalented defects pushed him around to make up for their own shortcomings.

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Power piece of history right here. Not only was the flash brutal and well-done, but the author himself took a dark turn pulling the gun on others in a shooting. Regardless of the author, it was still a pretty well done animation.



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It's a shame he went on this massacre, he could've been a great animator, but decided to go an kill those innocet kids.

R.I.P Victims of Red Lake High, you'll be missed.

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Oct 2, 2004
3:23 AM EDT