Imp episode 20

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Same old same old episode..only with a minigame in it..glitchy but ah well.. you can skip it ^_^..
the next imp will take a looooooooooong while so better enjoy this episode ^_^


very funny!

i really like this episode of IMP!! this is ur best movie ever!
but zody's accent was horrible!!!0_o
I give it a 5!

Awesome and all but the mini game...

Wouldnt work properly for me, kept just being a pain, although it did work in Internet Explorer, it failed to work in other web-browers {mostly Opera as thats the only one i now use now-adays} other than that it was great.

nice work

i see you are getting mutch beter at your drawings in flash your graphics are really getting better i coulden't see the whole movie becaus i gtg to school ^_^;

RogerregoRRoger responds:

school :S
okay have fun then

Ah! It's finally here!

Been kinda weird, since this and the previous episode I've seen slowely go through production and I even had influence on this one in the final stages ^_^

As I said originally, the mini game was a decent break from the norm to make this episode more memorable, is it just me or did the original version have more chances to kick John? Either that or I was screwing the mini game up too much when I first tried it -_-

Only complaint is you seemed to have changed the text font for the subtitles, not to show off but from Showcard Gothic to Arial? The font change itself I have no problem with, but some of the subtitles have suffered due to now taking a different amount of space. Of course I could also point out the voice quality problems but it's pointless since it's been a problem throughout the series and there seems little has changed despite your efforts, although at least you have female voices now ^_^

Roll on further episodes... and a possible cameo YAY! =D

RogerregoRRoger responds:

no there always been one John im afraid..
the font is not my doing either.. i made this episode first with that font, then my pc crashed down and i had to reinstall everything and i also lost the font.
When i work on the flash on my computer it automaticly turns buck to verdana, but when i start working on it at work it had the old font back, and now it's gone again..sigh.. -_-

not bad

its cool, hte voicing is a bit off, try making that better then i wont have to keep turning my sound down *winces*

RogerregoRRoger responds:

voice acting will always be a problem..
thanks for the review

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3.85 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2004
2:42 PM EDT
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