Imp episode 20

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Same old same old episode..only with a minigame in it..glitchy but ah well.. you can skip it ^_^..
the next imp will take a looooooooooong while so better enjoy this episode ^_^


Great ending to the three-parter

What can I say? It's just as great as most of the IMP episodes, with good graphics and animation combined with jokes and humor.. and there's even a mini game in this episode! W00t!

Graphics: 7 - The usual colorful cartoony drawings and frame by frame animations here and there.. enough to be pleasing to the eyes.
Style: 8 - Again, the familiar style that I never tire of seeing in your flash movies.
Sound: 6 - Some good voices, but some times they were either muffled up or quiet when music was playing. Kinda got a bit annoying at times but it's still good.
Violence: 7 - Not the most violent IMP episode to date, but random deaths and Smurf-killing is there! Yay!
Interactivity: 5 - First IMP installment ever to have an actual mini game half way into the episode, and though it was pretty basic, it's far better than anything I can do.
Humor: 9 - You never cease to put a smile on my face and force a laugh out of my mouth with your selection of jokes and gags throughout the flash.

Overall: 9 - Yet another great IMP episode! I'll be looking forward to episode 21!

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah well im afraid episode 21 will take quite a while since hentaiboy is far to busy with his school to voice act..lets hope he can do his TYP lines eh?


Wow, this is pretty funny. I gotta check out the other 19 episodes xD, NICE JOB!!!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

other 24 imp episodes you mean...that will take a while for you ^_^;;
Glad you liked the episode then :)

Yay! My Cameo appearance!

Yet another great episode by you Roger and Co. Though I didn't laugh out loud, I still enjoyed it and thought it was funny (I guess I'm getting used to your humour). The opening was pretty good, Zody bugging out the car which runs on thoughts (since he overloaded it with Ice Cream thoughts).

The Swedish Fish joke was one of the funnier moments of this episode, and we got to see where they were coming from (does this mean God is evil?). Also Jessie begging for food was pretty funny, she even ate one of the JSL members (it's JSL right?), hehe

Hooray! I finally made an appearance! Thought I didn't speak at all, I'm happy with it (explaining the rules to the mini game was alright). You're right when you said the game was a little buggy, but it was fun to play, old school IMP carnage (do those Smurf's never give up?)

The cameo by the clocks was pretty funny too, though I'm not much of a clock fan myself. In all it was a good episode, though the quality seems to have dropped a bit since the last ones. Good work all around. Nice one Roger and co.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

eh ok ^_^
quality will get better in episode 21..it's the begin of season 3 after all and ehh..yeah..smurfs never give up..Dunno how evil THE god is, but the monthy python god su^re is evil ^_^

This is the best one yet.

good on ya, the battle of the gangs was kewl, was slightly embarresed by the Lsu doing stuff but at least it wasn't too nasty. oh and is the music for the battle scene from pirates of the carribean? just checking. and i think that john somewhat represents the 'kenny' of the gang. death must be pissed with him dying and coming back to life like a freakin yo-yo.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah death is pissed..Perhaps he is the one asking god to keep throwing swedish fish at him ^_^
The battle song was form Pirates, yes..


that was funny and all but remember that reveiw i gave for Lengend without Zelda? yeah it was all screwed up not the score but the text. it was a piece of shit when i read it back to myself. the biggest problem was when i said "Id just the old man" i ment "Id just KILL the old fart" so i hav that straightened up. good movie by the way...


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Sep 30, 2004
2:42 PM EDT
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