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If you are going to blam this because my name has clock in it, stop right now. This is not a clock movie. If you are going to blam it without taking one look at it, you make me sick.

Geez, has it been 3 months since my last submission? Well, here's my new animutation, which took about 2 days ammount of time.

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An animutation by a Clock? Wow...

And you did a good job at it too. A nice mix of Cicirega's previous works with a nice twist and all the classic elements. You did a good job there, soundly when you used some new "Fake Lyrics".

So, congratulations.


This is a great animutation right here. I loved how you took (most of) the music in here from Trapezoid, but used (mostly) original graphics. This deserves a ten.


Whilst 'Gahbunga!!' has all the right intentions, it could have been a lot better.
For example, you could have used more images from the original Animutations (most of them made, I think, by Trapezzoid) that the songs were from. You know, like you coulda used Jay Jay for the Hyakugojyuuichi part, or Lesko for the Lesko's Revenge part. Also, I didn't like the new mondegreens you used. The sound, too, I felt they didn't mix in, and were just jumping from one section to the other. (No offence, Toxic.)

Sorry if you felt I was being harsh. :P

My good man, you are far from being blammed.

In fact, all that try to blam this excellent peice of Animutation should have their skin peeled of layer by layer then thrown into a acid pit...filled with acid sharks....with lazer beams attached to their heads.

Not sure what to really think...

Well, I'm slightly torn between how to react to this, since I was the creator of the mix used in this! Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! However, I'm dispointed in it result. For one, I didn't like how there seemed to be sudden breaks in the song, and the fact that you left out the "Life is like a Mop" and the "Monkey Magic" part. Plus I was not creditted. Some of the scenes in the video were kind of funny, but it didn't really seem to match the flow of the song. It just seemed like a bunch of random stuff going on that sometimes payed attention to the lyrics but not the overall feel of the music. But the fact that you used my mix made me vote a 5 for it anyways.

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3.64 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2004
11:46 PM EDT