The Cuttlefish that Could

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Hi all, I hope you all enjoy this Flash film. It's about a Cuttlefish named Cuddly that wants to fly... seriously...

...it's a metaphor, find the meaning. (or find my comment in the reviews)

Enjoy the dramatic adventure...

EDIT - Unfortunately, the frame rate is down. The animation is supposed to run at 20 fps however in the browser it seems to be running at 16. This isn't good because the shots are meant to be in sync with the music. If you have Flash Player 7 installed then simply find cuttlecould.swf in your temporary internet files folder, copy it, paste it to another folder and open it. It will run beautifully. If someone can help me fix this problem with the browser I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

~ Dario Centrella


Cuddly the Cuttlefish, eh?

It's amazing how many cute animal stories seem to be making use of cuttlefish nowadays. Were you perhaps inspired by a flash that was submitted to the portal back in early-mid 2003 with a Cuttlefish called "Cuttles"? Very very similar. But anywho...

Cuddly dreaming of flight is something I think most of us can relate to... many humans dream of flying (literally, I mean) and many humans wish they could just take flight on their own, without aid of plane or glider or whatnot... Now... needing a plane to fly isn't quite the same. But then again, not many cuttlefish (or sea creatures in general) get the chance to fly in even a plane, so I can see why Cuddles wants to steal that plane. Heh.

Oh, a little aside: Was the sound of the hangar's doors opening from Rollercoaster Tycoon? It sure sounded like a coaster going up the chain-pull-thingie before starting on its downhill slide.

I really liked a lot of the visual touches you used... from the really abstract instrument panel in the plane (I suppose it was symbolic of Cuddly's confusion upon seeing it at first)... the scraping of the plane's wing... the breaking through the hangar's door... the narrow miss of the houses... and so forth and so on.

Using the music from Backdraft (i.e. Iron Chef music!) was kinda... uh... not the best choice, though. I mean, it was a better choice than something that would have made the whole thing seem sappy and corny or sentimental... but I can think of a dozen songs that wouldn't make me think of a cooking show where Cuddly would be in a pot full of boiling water, not in an airplane cockpit.

But aside from that little point, I enjoyed the rest of the film and the ending. Cuddly is teh hero to all teh little cuttlefishes.

And now I'm hungry for some seafood... JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING... sheesh. #;-}>

Darunio responds:

Thanks, I'm real glad you liked it. Honestly I haven't seen this animation you speek of... will find it tomorrow when I've had some sleep. The sound effect was actually from GoldenEye 007 on the N64. I think the game developers are getting a lot of sound FX from the same libraries. Heh, heh. Today I noticed a sound effect in a game that I had heard somewhere before. Its great to see that you've read into parts of the story though. Thanks again.


Nice and why would you sister abort her kid cause of this movie....?

Darunio responds:

Thanks EL. Actually I was gonna ask that question myself. How could this cartoon get someone killed? Frankly, I'm too scared to know the reason which is why I'm not replying to that message. It may be a joke... but its not exactly funny.

Heart warming

wow... I liked this... I can't describe how good it is... 5/5 10/10

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Great Film

This film is exceptional, flawless animation, superb music background, which flows well with the film. The only drawback, is the lack of sound effects, but that's a minor niggle.

And for those that don't know what a Cuttlefish is, just think of a small squid.


Thats a fish..................????? Sry... Ive just never seen a fish with a shell and two tentacles... it was good though :D

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Sep 29, 2004
10:28 AM EDT