The Cuttlefish that Could

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Hi all, I hope you all enjoy this Flash film. It's about a Cuttlefish named Cuddly that wants to fly... seriously...

...it's a metaphor, find the meaning. (or find my comment in the reviews)

Enjoy the dramatic adventure...

EDIT - Unfortunately, the frame rate is down. The animation is supposed to run at 20 fps however in the browser it seems to be running at 16. This isn't good because the shots are meant to be in sync with the music. If you have Flash Player 7 installed then simply find cuttlecould.swf in your temporary internet files folder, copy it, paste it to another folder and open it. It will run beautifully. If someone can help me fix this problem with the browser I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

~ Dario Centrella



ok then

Not bad

The Cuttlefish reminded me of the Trites from Doom III.

The movie wasn't bad. I enjoyed the meaning. It's too bad that he bailed out in the end. Good job on this one :)

Darunio responds:

I know... the fact that its an anti-climax and the timing still makes me laugh. But bailing isn't something Cuddly is hugely worried about, the naughty bugger flew... even if it was 30 seconds. For Cuddly, it felt like forever.

So wut, he's like, retarted or something?

I retarded cuddlefish... nice plot.

O wait, he's not retarded? God this sucks then! :P

Ah yes...

Go cuttlefish, go! A very exciting flash. The animation and graphics were wonderful. Very innovative. It was a bit long though, you might want to shorten some parts. But all in all I thought that it was great, keep up the good work.


It looked more like a snail then a fish with those appenedages sticking out of the shell. The graphics were really slick and solid. Very impressive animation skills you have there, but storyline seemed to lack any outstanding carm or appeal. Which it seemed like it would since it has killer looks. Maybe it's just me, but despite how it didn't appeal to me with the story, it looked damn fine.


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3.83 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2004
10:28 AM EDT