The Killing Moon

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NOTE: I am not going to leave it like this. [the ending.] I am animating a bit more.

Not really a music video.

I was just fooling around with gradients.

I actually may make this into an animation some day.

If I ever get the motivation.


Come on!

Seriously, don't do this again.

What the fuck?

This is crap,hope it gets blammed!


It had good music but you had to ruin it with that dumb ending. At least you could have made it where you could pause it with the sound going so we could finish the song =P

I thought it was going to be a Donnie Darko thing actually. The music in that movie rocks (Under the Milky Way... someone should do that song). Not my favorite song from the movie but whatever.

Oh... I would have gave you a 1 but you ruined it by not letting the song play through =P

Got fucking boring

first it looked creepy and i thought great theres a creeepy ducking killer loose then the fucking head popped up and was like that for ages. It looked a little sick and twisted at first but got boring really quick. Also that noise the head made got very annoting! you would think with a title the killing moon it would have well more killing, but the head pissed me off and i turned it off after a couples of minutes. That really sucked!
Rock-On Newgrounds!


the beginning and middle were good, but then you went and ruined a really nice cartoon.
the graphics were good, and so was the animation. i also liked the music in this movie...
but then ofcourse, there was the ending.
overall score: 5/10
(THE THUMB: sideways)

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1.86 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2004
6:18 PM EDT
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