Douche Are Fun Collection

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This is a collection of my installments to the popular "are fun" series. The series was kind of a joke on DeviantArt.com and I decided to sharemine with the audience on newgrounds. Hope you like it! Also, sorry for the size, Damn collabs get rather big. This thing has a few animations in it, but you gotta look for them! Have fun!



woohoo, that was great. by the way.... whats a douche?

Alot better then i thought it would be!

Im impressed. Even the voice acting rocked. Good work! I'd like to see you do something full length sometime. Will look for more work by you in the future!


omfg that was fun! my stomach hurts!

Great Cycon

these are great your the coolist one around

Not too shabby, not too shabby at all

Short, as flash animations go but it was funny and entertaining none the less. Breakdown:

Graphics: Includeing this I've only seen two pieces of your work, but so far I'm inpressed. Your style is detailed, but not overdoing it passing that line of detail and groin-grabbingly time consuming. I especialy liked the Authors Flash Party sequence with the detached chibi characters... begining to see alot of that lately.

Style: Heh, not bad. Wasn't expecting it from the title thats for sure. Yeeaahhh... I... don't have much else to say really. I blame my blantant intoxication from this half bottle of disguarded Shnops I discovered by a urine stenched dumpster... that or I'm hungry.

Sound: You never know you like something untill you've listened to it... but the first song by "Toybox" was just something I never thought I'd enjoy... cursed self-discovery. Sleep with one eye open Cycon!... or just avoid a crazy looking guy with a very old and rusty badly manufactured katana.

Violence: Eh, as long as theirs one random act of blood, violence, or visual stimation for the young impressionable mind to hurt stuff I'm sure the trigger-happy audience of Newgrounds wont complain. Who says violence is dead?... wait... nobody says violence is dead... right.

Interactivity: The basics as usual, but for the menu and secret options I'd boost to a nine. As usual there has to be an in movie menu for stop, pause, and play if a whole ten marks is awarded. God my system sucks.

Humor: Heh, it was funny of course. My favorite part is the immiture use of the pink thing as a gun, then he gets shot randomly. I'd ask for the logic behind that, but they are standing on an infinite plain of white with no visible way of even standing on a surface so eh.

Overall a funny little piece of flash. Keep this stuff up Cycon!


P.S. What made you want to make this "Are fun" collection? Was it a tribute to all the people out there who use the word Douche and have no idea what it means cause I sevirely dislike sed people... yeah I'm a hatefull person.

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Sep 28, 2004
6:03 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature September 29, 2004