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Okay, my first movie on newgrounds... Yahooo...
This movie is sort of a tribute to salad fingers. I love Salad Fingers.
Next time ill somthing uniqe.

Im gonna update this when i get a new microfon.


it was too long

I didnt understand what he was saying, which made it really long and boring, I liked the idea, if you work on it maybe it will appeal to more than psychos like me


That was awesome, except for the sound thingy that's already been commented on so much. I look forward to seeing the update so I can actually understand some of what he says. In the meantime, subtitles couldn't hurt.

Also, that was a bit creepy. I think it'd be really interesting to see what you could do with a horror mini-film. If you make something creepy enough to make me freak out, I will do everything I can to increase your fanbase. So make me twitch.

For bloody sake!

OK, this is my first review in NG. WEEEEEEEEEEE!

This animation was damn creepy. I mean, weird creature with worm in it's head, that body which starts suddenly screaming etc. But the voice of the creature (yes, I know that everyone has already complained about it but I must say): WHAT THE HELL HE... ummm... IT WAS TRYING TO SAY!? I couldn't understand a single word.

Summarized: Everything else kicked ass really hard, except for the voice. Keep trying! The concept is individual etc.

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I know you said it was a SF tribute/heavily influenced, but... I didn't like it. I couldn't understand a word that freakin' thing said, for one. For two, I think you could have gotten a little more original with the music. You used the same artist as Firth-- Boards of Canada. I mean, I love their songs, but it just seemed to somehow add to the rip-off factor. Also... it was just weird. Weirder than Salad Fingers weird, as well as boring. Not captivating in any way, shape, or form.

... Yeah. Just letting you know what I think.


That was pretty good but I couldnt understand what he was sayin,it will probably turn out to be a good series if more are made.But all you need to change is the voice.

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2.41 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2004
1:48 AM EDT