The 600-Frame Collab

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UPDATE: BIG thanks to Razorjam and Kirbymeister for not taking co-author. Everyone please do them a favor and look them up!

In this Project, 7 Flash Artists each create a 600-frame animation, all using the same background. Alot of hard work was put in by all involved, and I'm proud of the turnout. to all that didn't make it for various reasons....sorry. but keep an eye out for the sequel. enjoy!


It was good!

It was preety good, Not excellent but good, there is one Epic fail...
When You hit the Restart button...The music Won´t stop.
Ps. What was the Son called on ´´Matt-Blethen´´s Submission?
It´s awesome!

Preety good

i enjoyed it, a nice idea for a collab, everyone was obvously very creative in this! i exspecially enjoyed razorjams one!

Jayce-Diaz responds:

sniff sniff.....whats that? smells like....a sequel?

An interesting Collab that was a little to fast.

While I enjoyed this flash I found that the 600 frame per entry made the different entires seem rather.. unexplained. What I mean by that is that each entry just felt like a open ended joke with not enough backing to make it felt, like a joke thats all punchline.

Im sorry for the negative review but in the end thats how I felt about the flash. I still enjoyed seeing people experiment with thier creativity in a set system.

Jayce-Diaz responds:

actually i didn't find that review negative at all. you explained yourself and your opinion very well, without "OMG THIS SUXX0R LOLOL WTF" or whatever, so i commend you. thanks for the compliments as well, and i also agree about the pacing and overall compilation of the project.

u dont know what im doing to this tree


Jayce-Diaz responds:

thanks for the feedback

its good

id be glad to be involved in a thing like this. if you come about making a sequal somehow, contact me iluvtacoz(at)yahoo(dot)com

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Jayce-Diaz responds:

i may just do that...

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3.42 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2004
9:15 PM EDT
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