Thicker Than Water

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Well here it is, this is part 1 of thicker than water a 58 page comic about me growing up. some of you may have read the origional on my site thisisacryforhelp.com.

The names had to be changed because my fathers wife threatened a lawsuit but that's life.

everything in this comic is based on real events.

A lot of people are lost on the significance of the dead bird, the dead bird represents my other side, my inner doubt and self destructive nature. that aspect of the comic will become more apparent as the series grows.



good comic/story
& i feel sorry for you
but at least your better now :)

Dang, that was really sad.
But funny.
I mean, dude, domestic abuse is no laughing matter most of the time, but this somehow made me chuckle more than once.
Being able to laugh at your old childhood, even if it was pretty darn fucked, and putting it in a more lighthearted perspective.
For an eleven year old interactive flash comic, this still really holds up today. The simplistic layout aged like fine wine, too.
I can't quite complain about the characters, since this is based on your life and your life alone (loosely or not), but it would've been interesting if they had been a little more fleshed out; especially Summer and the mother.
It kind of adds onto it that your dad's wife threatened a lawsuit because you wanted to use their real names.
Good job, Ed.

Well that was very... hmmm.... it paints a pretty vivid picture of a really important, formative time in this man's life, but one that didn't necessarily result in anything positive AT ALL, and that comes across really well.
Edmund as a child doesn't say a whole lot in the comic compared to the other characters, and at first I didn't know how I felt about that. I maybe would have liked some more input on how he was feeling. But now I think it is really appropriate. If I had lived that life, I wouldn't know HOW to feel. I would just want to keep being a kid and not think about all that stuff, even if it was affecting me greatly, and that's exactly the message I got from him with this comic. It seemed to me like little Ed was kind of an angry kid, but he didn't really know why.
One thing that detracted from it somewhat for me was when the characters said things 'out of character', for example the interactions Edmund and Rose had. Those were obviously things children wouldn't have said, and I think the awkwardness and the tension of the situation would have come across better if they actually behaved like children; let the scene itself speak to its implications instead of making the characters say it. To me it came off really satirical, but it left me unclear as to what Edmund was getting at at that point.
I liked the scene in the car when Ed's dad thought he was gay. That is a great testament to the ridiculous judgements and assumptions that even a 'mature adult mind' can come up with.
Overall this is a great, telling comic from Edmund that shows really well what this time in his life was to him. It was pretty powerful as well, but it could have been somewhat more so at some points.

This has to be one of the greatest things I've ever read! The art was fantastic, the story was worth reading, and it was very hilarious. I really hope you continue this...

Love it! Feel bad for you though :|

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Sep 25, 2004
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