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Thicker Than Water

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Well here it is, this is part 1 of thicker than water a 58 page comic about me growing up. some of you may have read the origional on my site thisisacryforhelp.com.

The names had to be changed because my fathers wife threatened a lawsuit but that's life.

everything in this comic is based on real events.

A lot of people are lost on the significance of the dead bird, the dead bird represents my other side, my inner doubt and self destructive nature. that aspect of the comic will become more apparent as the series grows.


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Huh well now I know where dead bird came from.

good comic/story
& i feel sorry for you
but at least your better now :)

Dang, that was really sad. But funny. I mean, dude, domestic abuse is no laughing matter, but this made me chuckle more than once. Being able to write about (and maybe laugh) at your own childhood, even if it was pretty darn fucked, and putting it in a comic to publicly share with the rest of the world. It's hard to do that, it's definitely hard for me. Still can't do it. Gotta commend you for being able to do that in the first place, considering the internet's abundance of assholes even to this day. This comic is around 14 years old as I'm editing this review (original one was a goddamn mess), and I still get that "Damn, dude." feeling whenever I read it again. Sometimes it really hits close to home, especially with the shitty father figures and the dead bird as the representation of self hatred.
Considering how awful a lot of your family was, I'm really glad you've surpassed people like your father and his wife, and now you're here, wowing us with your games. Stay gold, Edmund.

This has to be one of the greatest things I've ever read! The art was fantastic, the story was worth reading, and it was very hilarious. I really hope you continue this...

Love it! Feel bad for you though :|