History Of the Swastika

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In grade 10 I had to do an english assignment, a large presentation on facism. To eat up some time I decided to make a flash video (this slowly became a great fall back in school).

Funny enough, the opening credit sequence was a rip off of the loading animation from the original American History X website, this is including the first couple captions. I tried to directly rip it... but all I could get was the original art work. So rather than just coming up with an original idea, I painstakingly recreated the original motion graphic piece by piece. Although it may not have been the most honest tactic, I learned a whole bunch about tweening and animation by doing so.

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Great submission

And the harsh truth about a once noble symbol for many ancient cultures. A symbol of good luck and love, even in the Germanic tribes as the sun wheel, which even a madman like Hitler managed to abuse, as he abused the whole Germanic thought. Nowadays it's still hard being interested in anything linked with Germanic, or the swastika (which is actually, a general symbol of no culture, as the isolated native Americans also used it).

Swastika, by the way, comes from the Sanskrit "svastika", which meant "to be happy". "Su" good, "asti" to be. In todays India the therm is still linked to the cause and the development of new life!

Greetings and regards.