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History Of the Swastika

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In grade 10 I had to do an english assignment, a large presentation on facism. To eat up some time I decided to make a flash video (this slowly became a great fall back in school).

Funny enough, the opening credit sequence was a rip off of the loading animation from the original American History X website, this is including the first couple captions. I tried to directly rip it... but all I could get was the original art work. So rather than just coming up with an original idea, I painstakingly recreated the original motion graphic piece by piece. Although it may not have been the most honest tactic, I learned a whole bunch about tweening and animation by doing so.

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Great submission

And the harsh truth about a once noble symbol for many ancient cultures. A symbol of good luck and love, even in the Germanic tribes as the sun wheel, which even a madman like Hitler managed to abuse, as he abused the whole Germanic thought. Nowadays it's still hard being interested in anything linked with Germanic, or the swastika (which is actually, a general symbol of no culture, as the isolated native Americans also used it).

Swastika, by the way, comes from the Sanskrit "svastika", which meant "to be happy". "Su" good, "asti" to be. In todays India the therm is still linked to the cause and the development of new life!

Greetings and regards.


I am jewish too, and i like the way u presented that. It brought to light a whole new way that symbols and words take on new meanings as times change. Another example is the word "gay" and how it has changed in 50 years (while it still means the same thing, the default definition to occur to people is homosexual, whereas 50 years ago it was "happy"). In terms of your ultimate question, I believe I have an answer. Human drives are singular, but it depends how you guide them. For example, if you get angry you can either go murder someone (bad) or you can use it to write a wicked rock song or fight oppression (good). Or your sex drive, you can go out and have random unprotected sex with whoever u want (bad) or find a monogamous relationship and use it (as one of many parts) to strengthen the love between you and your partner, thereby fulfilling u both as human beings and making you more productive towards society (obviously, good). Same thing with other elements, for example fire, you can use it for destruction or, conversely, to heat your home in the winter or cook your food. Obviously my examples are crude and extreme, but the point should not be lost. The swastika, when it is used by the hindus, it is a symbol of good that their culture has been using for hundreds of years and is therefore unrelated to nazism. For the rest of the world whose main introduction to the swastika was by the nazis, then thats all they associate with it. A swastika is meaningless unless you know the connotation behind it. When skinheads spray paint swastikas on synagogues, they basically mean ("Die Jews"). If a Hindu who happened to be clueless about social norms spray painted one on a synagogue, then maybe he has jewish friends and he was just wishing them prosperity and long life. I, however, and most of the world, will continue to see swastikas as the representation of evil and hatred and racism (especially anti-semitism)_as long as I live.


a jew has taught me something imprtant abut his sworn enemy....2 points!

Hmmm... haven't I seen this before...

Hmmm... the begining of this movie is also on the official American History X site.
Anyway, quite well executed... and I am amazed by all those pics.

Nazis make me feel sick.

never heard of it

well ,sounds weird but i believe you since 1 time i got into some indian sign and saw a swatstika and asked them about it . of course its just something to think about but i dont think that the flash movie should encourage any1 to wear a swatstika or anything like that and then make excuses for doing so .

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4.23 / 5.00

May 30, 2001
7:05 PM EDT

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